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"Accept that you just aren’t feeling it today, take a deep breath and step back from everything. Listen to what your body needs and put yourself first"

Mental Health

How I’m Trying To Be More Positive About My Body Image

The theme for this years Mental Health Awareness Week is Body…

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Self Care

7 No Frills Ways To Practice Self Care When You’re Feeling Crap

Self care is important, but sometimes you need to give…

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Health + Wellbeing

What I’ve Learnt From Going Plastic Free For 24 Hours

Last month I was invited by Global Wake Cup to…

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6 Ways To Stay Productive When You Work From Home

One of the things I never thought would be a…

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5 Things I Wish People Understood About Autism

Oh boy, if there’s one thing I’m getting a little…

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Are Co-Working Spaces Worth Investing In

I wanted to see if there were any perks to…

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4 Techniques I Use To Cope With Social Anxiety

Since then I’ve struggled with pretty sever social anxiety. At…

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Eating Disorder

Why Everyone Needs To Read The Year I Didn’t Eat

*this post contains a gifted product Every so often I’ll…

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What Is A Happy Jar And How Can It Help You Manage Your Depression

Out of all my mental health conditions, I honestly think…

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m a twenty-five-year-old digital media graduate with a passion for writing and a desire to change the way we view mental health and autism. I’ve owned jademarie.co.uk for nearly two years now, and its slowly changed from a place where I would brain dump whatever was going through my head that day, into a place where people can come for help, advice and hopefully a bit of a laugh. I do occasionally come out with a witty sentence or two. Mostly by accident.