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How To Sell On eBay When You Have Anxiety

I feel a bit strange writing this post as I don’t really like admitting when things like this set my anxiety off. I guess I still expect people to laugh at me and make nasty comments like has happened for most of my life.

I don’t think thats going to happen though, the blogging community have been so lovely since I joined and if this post helps just one other person then I’ll be happy!

So after a very long debate with myself, I decided to try selling some of my unwanted items on eBay. I’ve wanted to do this for ages (I have soooo much stuff that I don’t use anymore) but my anxiety has always stopped me. In my latest Dead Diary Post I said that I didn’t really know why this sets my anxiety off but after a lot of mindfulness I think I’ve figured it out. I want to write about it because other people might have the same thoughts and I want you to know that it’s perfectly fine if you do!

How To Sell On eBay When You Have Anxiety

My biggest anxiety is over sending the item(s). Listing them and communicating with possible buyers is easy and I think I’ve done that part really well. What freaks me out is when someone buys something and I then have to send it- that’s when my brain wakes up and starts having a hissy fit!

Have I got the right address? What if it gets lost? What if the person isn’t happy with it and says I didn’t describe it properly? …You get the jist.

So far I’ve sold three items: A bra, a bralet and a foundation brush. The first time I was in a right state! I had a full blown panic attack which was terrifying at the time but I can laugh at now as it does seem a tad over the top!

I’d been so busy thinking about listing and promoting the items that I completely forgot to buy the packaging to send them off in…Auntie Jayne to the rescue! She works in our local Post Office and has been a life saver this last week! She brought me a large envelope and talked me through the posting options available to me, advising me on which is best to use and why. (I’m going to include some tips at the end of this post so I’ll go into this more then) She then took the package into work with her the next day so I knew that it had been sent off correctly!

The second time was only a day later but this time it was a little easier, I knew what to expect and I could logic out the anxiety. I went up to the post office, spoke to my auntie and packaged everything up there, it only took me 10 minutes- if that!

The last one I hardly battered an eyelid at doing, just packaged it up and sent it off. My anxiety is normally set off by the unknown, if I don’t know what to do or expect in a situation then I freak out. Big time. But once I’ve done it a few times and know whats expected of me then then I can manage my anxiety and completely the tasks pretty easily! My mum things its linked to my Aspergers and personally I think she’s right. I need rules and to have things explained I detail before I can do them. If that doesn’t happen- cue crippling anxiety and intrusive thoughts.


So if you’re thinking of selling on eBay but find the thought makes you anxious, I’ve listed a few tips which migh help you:

  • Have the packaging ready before you list your item. This is a big one, don’t leave it until the item has sold and you need to rush around. This will just cause you even more anxiety!
  • Look into your postage options before listing, to see what P&P you should be charging. I didn’t think about this at all and if it wasn’t for my auntie I would have been screwed. She recommended to always get recorded delivery as you have proof of postage and can see where your item is whenever you want to. I sent all of my items 2nd class recorded as it was cheaper. Also be aware that if you’re item is more that 5cm thick it will cost you more to send so always make your items as flat as possible (if you can that is).
  • Take your packaging costs into account. This one links into the others, I didn’t think about adding in the cost of actually buying the packaging into the postage costs so I was technically a bit out of pocket. It’s only a little thing but I know it just added to my anxiety so it’s better to plan this out beforehand too.
  • Have a buddy. If you have someone there to support you then that’s going to help reduce your anxiety levels loads. Having my auntie there  through it all to explain anything I didn’t get helped so much! If you don’t have anyone you can turn to please feel free to message me on any of my social media and I will happily help you! (my links are at the bottom of this post)

If you want to see what things I have left for sale then you can find them HERE (Got to do a bit of self promotion- don’t judge me!)

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  1. Fee

    September 18, 2016 at 12:49 am

    I found your post when looking up my own eBay posts on Bloglovin’ and thought I’d have a read because I’ve suffered from anxiety in the past and know how rubbish it can be!

    It sounds like you’re doing really well and having a plan and a process helps minimise intrusive thoughts/worries.

    Hopefully you can do this is you are contacted by a buyer with a problem – know the process and that you can do an extra step to correct the issue.

    Hope you keep on selling! 🙂

    Fee x

  2. Jade Marie

    September 18, 2016 at 7:19 am

    Thank you! 🙂 might have to go have a look and your posts too 🙂 I’ve stopped selling for now, I managed to sell a few things but people were getting a bit nasty or silly with their offers so I decided not to relist the items I have left.
    It’s was a great learning experience though so I’m glad I did it and I think I would have been able to cope well if a buyer had a problem- which luckily none did 🙂 x

  3. Samantha💫 (@WhatIKnowNow__)

    September 18, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Even though you’re anxious about it, it sounds like you have done so well to just go for it! 🙂 so well done for that because it will get easier with time! xx

  4. Jade Marie

    September 18, 2016 at 9:09 am

    Thank you! 🙂 it did get so much easier after the first sale, its the fear of the unknown I guess!xx

  5. Madge

    September 22, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    I recently have started using eBay to get rid of stuff and enjoyed the whole process of putting the items up for sale. I can understand the panic of shipping but I think it’s just the pressure of having to get something tangible done and the worry of displeasing the buyer. Considering that you have a very well written blog (which I would have a meltdown over if I had to do such a thing), I think you were too hard on yourself by worrying so much. Well done for getting past it and I wish you every success with your eBay selling 😉

  6. Jade Marie

    September 23, 2016 at 6:56 am

    I think for me it was not knowing what I was doing, that’s what usually sets it off lol but thank you so much 🙂 everyone has different strengths and things they freak out over, clearly yours is being a good salesperson 😉

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