Dear Diary

Dear Diary: So Much For Organised

Oh my days, this week has tested me more than any other!

You would think that going to one of the largest and highly recommended universities in the North that they would be organised. Ha, no! Not even close.

As I’ve mentioned on here I got accepted onto the Digital Media Production course, straight on second year (level 5) as I’d already done two years of graphic design. As such I needed the direct entry timetable which would put me in with the other level 5s.

Did they send me this?


They sent me the first years timetable and induction details.

Dear Diary: So much for being Organised

I’m not going to go into too much detail, it’ll take forever and its pretty boring reading really, but let’s just say I spent most of the week wasting money going into uni for things that I didn’t need. Which then freaked me out as I was there on my own with no idea where I was going, who to contact and getting constantly told different things by different people, which just confused me even more.

It’s a good job I was able to keep my head and work through the panic attack as I’ve now been able to sort everything out myself, went to the correct level 5 induction and been enrolled. Even better- the picture on my student card looks pretty good for a change!

Now don’t get me wrong there have been some fun moments and some things that I’m very proud of happen this week.

On Sunday I stayed over at a friends who’s recently moved in with some of his course mates. The plan was for him to show me where a few places are than I needed and we’d go to the Freebies Fair on Monday. However the other guys wanted to go out for a drink at a local pub and I didn’t really have much choice but to go with them.

I coped really well surprisingly, the fact that it was quiz night probably had something to do with it. I love quizzes, I’m usually really good at them and it was fun trying to be the team that got the answer fastest. We didn’t win but I was the reason we got a lot of the questions right and I even got us the fastest answer three times!

Something that I’m proud of but that might seem daft to you reading this is that I managed to eat in a place I didn’t know, on my own. Eating on my own is something I’ve only been able to attempt this last year as it used to trigger my anxiety off so badly, lots of intrusive thoughts and assumptions. But on Tuesday I sat in the Students Union restaurant on my own for an hour or so, eating and then writing up next weeks blog post!

It’s a win for me and I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made over the last two years, even if it does sound strange to normal people.

I’ve also managed to keep up with my blogging schedule throughout all this and get two new posts up with week! Its been a push and a bit of a rush but I did it. I’m hoping I’ll still be able to keep to my new schedule of posting a Mental Health related post on Tuesdays, a Lifestyle or Beauty one on Thursdays and then my Dear Diary roundups on Sundays. If I can’t then I hope you’ll understand and bear with me while I get used to a new university and schedule!

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The whole week has been one constant panic attack really, only minor for the most part, but its had me on edge and I’ve not been sleeping or eating properly. Since I managed to get everything sorted on Thursday I’ve started to feel better but I pushed myself a little too far on Saturday- I decided to go shopping in Meadowhall on my own, on a weekend!

iPhone 6s and Makeup

Now amusingly I have a post about shopping and anxiety going live on Tuesday, so its ironic that I didn’t follow my own advice, but I didn’t really have much option.

Its my dads birthday on Wednesday and I needed to go get a present for him. Because of his background he’s not exactly bothered over Christmas and Birthdays: his parents became Jehovahs Witnesses when he was 7 years old so he suddenly went from having both to not being allowed them anymore, not easy to understand when your only a kid! He resented the whole religion and wasn’t interested so he left the second he turned 16 and was given the option but the damage had already been done.

He doesn’t do any of the usual “Dad” things either- he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t play sports and he doesn’t drive. The only thing he’s interested in is guitars…not exactly budget friendly!

I tend to save his big present for Christmas so I just bought him some FCUK stuff from Boots. Might not sound much but like I said, to him it’s just another day. Nothing special. If it was up to him I don’t think he’d even acknowledge it was his birthday, but me and mum always make sure to get him something and celebrate it for him, even if he doesn’t. 

NYX Lip Lingerie in Embelleshment

While I was there I couldn’t resist picking up a new NYX Lip Lingerie- this time in Embellishment. I’ve seen this on so many people lately and I think its such a gorgeous colour that I had to try it for myself! 

Now when I first started blogging I wrote a post called NYX Lip Lingerie Letdown, about how much I didn’t like the formula and that I wasn’t really happy with the product. Since taking it back, getting a new one and trying out a few more of this collection, I do have to say that the first one must have been a dud. I’ve not had the same problem with any of the others that I’ve bought and, while I do still prefer the formula of Liquid Suede, these are still worth buying if you’re looking for more muted colours.

Makeup Obsession Highlighter in the shade Bare

I’ve been looking for a new highlighter for a while now but I’ve not been able to find one I like, at an affordable price anyway! By sheer dumb luck I glanced over at a display as I was walking to go to the tills and saw a brand I’d never heard of before- Makeup Obsession. They stuff on display was really quite cheap so I thought I’d stop and do a quick swatch of the highlighter, see if it was any good…oh my days I am in love! This stuff is so bloody pigmented it is unreal, I don’t usually use American sayings but this deserves the words highlight on fleek! Its got a lovely rose gold tint to it and it was only £3- what more could you ask for!

You can also take the product out of the case, as I accidentally found out when I got home. I wondered if it was so you could put them in and build your own pallet so I had a quick look online. The answer is yes! They do pallets in different sizes and colours- of course I want this Rose Gold one! I then got looking at the rest of their products and I can see that I’ll be having a big haul from them very soon- all of their eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters and contours are just £2/£3! Watch this space as I can see a review post coming very soon.

iPhone 6s

The final thing I bought is something I’ve been wanting for quite a while- an iPhone 6s! Yes I know that everyone wants the 7 but not me, I don’t like it at all. Looking at all the reviews it’s not that much different from the 6s, not enough to make up for the dodgy new home button and the fact it has no headphone jack. I know it comes with an adapter but that means I can’t charge it and listen to music at the same time, not good when I’m travelling!

Anyway I am absolutely in love with my new phone. I got it in Rose Gold (of course!) and everything moved over quickly and easily. The 5s was the first iPhone I’d ever had so I wasn’t sure if it would be a ball ache trying to get everything onto my 6S- not at all! I just plugged it into my MacBook, pressed restore and it moved everything over- apps, contacts, photos- the lot!

It’s taken me a while to get used to it as its bigger than my old one and I only have tiny hands, but I’m so glad I took got it. It’s so much quicker than my last one and the 3D touch abilities are really useful!

Now I just need to get myself organised and get some blog posts pre-written and the photographs taken. I can imagine I’ll be really busy for the first few weeks at uni and as such it might affect my blogging. I already have one post written out and ready to go live next week but thats all, I’ve just been too busy and stressed to do more- so much for being organised!

Now to go make a large cup of coffee and read one of my new books- I think I’ve earnt some me time after this week!

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