Dear Diary

Dear Diary: The Busy One

Hi guys, hope you’re all having a great weekend!

I’m trying to keep weekends to myself and actually relax a bit on them. I’ve always struggled to switch off and actually relax but I recently saw this post from Career Girl Daily and decided I’d give it a go!
So anyway how has my week been? In a word: busy! But just busy, not stressful busy which is how I like my weeks to be. Like I said I can’t just sit around doing nothing all day, I’ll happily spend a few hours reading, playing on the Xbox or watching my favourite YouTubers but after a while I need to be doing something or I start getting anxious and thinking I’m wasting my life…cheers anxiety love you too!
Monday started off really well, it was the Game of Thrones finale and boy it didn’t disappoint!! I still thought the penultimate episode was better (it actually had me screaming at my laptop, no joke) but this was only slightly behind. Obviously I won’t put any spoilers up just in case you haven’t seen it yet but I can’t wait for the next season- shits about to go down! After it had finished and I’d calmed down enough to think, I realised I needed to take my Final Major Project sketchbook into uni so my tutor could have a look at it before my review on Tuesday. I also needed to get my eyebrows threaded again (I go to Superdrug for them doing as its only £5!) and do a bit of shopping so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. My social anxiety has taken a massive step backwards lately and I’ve started to struggle going out on my own again. I wasn’t about to let it win though and was determined to get what I need done and not have a panic attack while doing it. The technique I find works best is to plan out exactly what I need, remember where in the shop it is (if I know) so I can walk straight to it and keep repeating this list in my head to distract me from any intrusive thoughts (these are normally about how everyone is taking about me and how stupid I look- yeah because people haven’t got more important things to be thinking about Jade).

Photo 28-06-2016, 07 53 48.jpg

I have to say though I did really well: I picked up two new Benefit Cosmetics minis with the rest of my Boots gift card and also decided to try false lashes for the first time! I went for the pre glued ones as I thought I would be able to use these a little easier…lol nope! I suck big time! I’m determind to master this skill though, just need to practice more- everyone else seems to be able to do it so I sure as hell can. I also went and got my eyebrows threaded for the third time. One of my frineds from college originally got my to try this as I cant use wax and I am so glad I listened to her! The first time they swelled right up and were bright red for over a day but now I don’t get any swelling and only a slight bit of redness that goes within the hour. To anyone that might be scared of getting it done- please don’t be! It doesn’t actually hurt, its just a bit uncomfortable. If you want to see how its done I’d reccomend going on YouTube and looking at some of the vidoes on there, that what I did and it made me feel loads better about going and getting it done the first time. After shopping I popped up to uni and dropped off my sketchbook and then went back home to work on my app.


Tuesday was all about going back into uni and getting my feedback, finding out what I needed to do to hit a Distinction and then going back home to start work on it all. I don’t have too much to do luckily so I’ve been able to pace myself and make sure I don’t overwork myself again and actually have a bit of time to myself. Its Iron Banner on Destiny this week and I wanted to play and try and get some high light gear from it (didn’t happen, I have the worst luck with drops!). Its been nice to not feel as stressed as I have been these past few weeks, I’ve been able to think a lot clearer and actually plan out my workload.


Mum finally got to go for her hospital appointment on Wednesday and we’ve found out she has Epilepsy. I haven’t mentioned this on here till now but earlier in the year she had two fits, both on the same day and in the same place and had to be rushed through to hospital both times. Due to not knowing any of her family history we didn’t know if there was anything genetic that could be causing it and they couldn’t tell us anything on the day as her blood work was fine. These last few months have been some of the scariest we’ve had as a family, we wouldn’t let mum go anywhere on her own in case she had another one but now that we know what it is and she’s been put on medication (which none of us can pronounce!) we’ve started to relax a little. My friend and pretty much second mother Sonia came down for a coffee and a catch up while they were at the hospital and I’m really grateful to her for distracting me from worrying over what the results could be!

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The rest of the week has pretty much been the same; uniwork, uniwork and oh look, more uniwork! As much as I don’t want to leave I’ll be glad to be rid of this side of it! There was one break to the monotony when I booked my first driving lesson! Okay so it isn’t my first as such, I’ve had some lessons in a geared car before but, to be blunt- i’m useless at gears! Just thinking about them makes me start panicking.  So I decided to have a break from learning and then try learning in an automatic with a different company. I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place as it takes less time to learn (which means less money I have to spend) and also simplifies the process tenfold!

Wish me luck and keep off the roads on the 15th!

Now time to curl up with a book, stop stressing about life and just loose myself in another world for a few hours 🙂


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