My Binge Watch Besties

When I’m having a bad day I love nothing better than to curl up in bed with my quilt, a hot chocolate, comfort food and to binge watch a box set or two! Now I know everyone’s taste in shows is different but here are a list of my favourites, hopefully you might find something new to destroy your life…I mean watch!

Game of Thrones

No box set post is complete without mentioning the epicness that is GoTs! I read the books before watching the show which did somewhat spoil it for me, as they do make some pretty big changed in the later seasons that really bug me. However season 6 has now overtaken the book for the most part and I’ve absolutely loved not knowing what’s going to happen (or should happen). I’ve been able to watch it like a normal person and there have literally been times when I’ve been sat screaming at my tv (no lie- watching the penultimate episode was the most stressful hour of my life!). I’ve known a few people that have found it hard to get into but I promise it’s worth the perseverance, it will take over your life!

Criminal minds

This was something I originally watched when it first came out way back when. With hindsight it was a really dumb idea to let a 10 year old watch this, it really messed up my head! S1E4 is the reason I can’t have any door unlocked or window open when I’m in the house on my own (I’m not too bad with windows as an adult but even now I won’t have the door unlocked). After a few more episodes my nan realised it was really starting to freak me out so she banned me from watching it. However I decided to try watching them again earlier this year and even though some of the episodes freaked me out for a few days (they get less weird after season three) I managed to binge watch all 11 seasons in under 2 months…not sure if I should be proud or worried about that fact! Dr Spencer Reed was the first person I ever related to as a child and he made me feel like it was okay to be me (Yes I’m aware that he isn’t real but that doesn’t matter when you’re 10 years old and don’t understand why you’re so different to everyone else).. You’ll also learn a lot of cool skills that you can use in real life about reading body language and the basics of profiling people for yourself. It gets very addictive very quickly!


This is another series that I love simply because I relate to the main character. Okay and the fact I slightly drool over Benedict Cumberbatch but God he’s gorgeous! There’s only 3 episodes per season and I honestly don’t know how people coped watching this in real time, there’s a three year gap between each season and considering the cliffhanger they left season 2 on…well let’s just say I would have gone slightly mad waiting for answers! Luckily I just pressed the next button and watched it instantly but I’m now in the same position as they were waiting for season 4 to come around. Like seriously why do you have to make us wait so long!



This is another one that I’ve been watching since the pilot episode, I fell in love with most of the characters there & then and I’ve never looked back. The season finale had me in tears and there’s now going to be some big changes happening which make me rather sad. However I would definitely recommend watching them, they’ll quickly start to feel like your extended family and become way more invested in what happens to them than is healthy!


Downton Abbey 

I came really late to the game with this one, I only started watching it when the last season was starting. However I loved watching these and once again I binge watched them in only a few weeks…I do have a social life I swear! I’ve heard people saying it’s not historically accurate but I can’t say I’ve noticed any glaringly obvious mistakes so it’s all good as far as I’m concerned. I was really sad to see it finish and would love to see what happens next, even if it was just as a christmas/new years special.


The Tudors

I have loved everything to do with Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn for as long as I can remember (okay so I was obsessed with everything to do with The Tudors if I’m being honest but these two were my favourites!) When this first came out back in 2007 I was only 13/14 and a bit young to be watching them as it does have some next and nudity in it. It’s funny to look back and remember how embarrassed I used to feel when there were scenes like that shown, I used to be so cute and innocent. At the time I only watched up to Anne being beheaded (I’d say spoiler alert but I’m pretty sure everyone knows the story by now; if not sorry!) and then lost interest. However I finally got round to watching all of the series and I absolutely loved it- worth checking it out if you’re looking for something new to watch!

So thats it- my binge watch besties! Do you have any box sets you’d recommend? Are you a fan of any of these shows?

If so lets connect- I could spend all day swapping Game of Thrones theories!

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