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"Accept that you just aren’t feeling it today, take a deep breath and step back from everything. Listen to what your body needs and put yourself first"


4 Techniques I Use To Cope With Social Anxiety

Since then I’ve struggled with pretty sever social anxiety. At…

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Eating Disorder

Why Everyone Needs To Read The Year I Didn’t Eat

*this post contains a gifted product Every so often I’ll…

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What Is A Happy Jar And How Can It Help You Manage Your Depression

Out of all my mental health conditions, I honestly think…

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Sex + Relationships

The Importance Of Being Sex Positive

*this post contains a gifted product, but all sex positivity…

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How To Help Yourself Feel Better When You’re Having A Bad Day

I’m actually writing this post while having a bad day…

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4 Reasons That I Love Being Self Employed

*this post is sponsored by Ferratum, but all positivity about…

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The 5 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To In 2019

I’ve only really discovered podcasts in the last few months.…

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Health + Wellbeing

How To Make The Change To A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The increased interest and accountability has meant that there are…

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Reflecting On 2018 And What To Expect In The New Year

Welcome back to my first post of 2019!  I’m never…

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m a twenty-five-year-old digital media graduate with a passion for writing and a desire to change the way we view mental health and autism. I’ve owned jademarie.co.uk for nearly two years now, and its slowly changed from a place where I would brain dump whatever was going through my head that day, into a place where people can come for help, advice and hopefully a bit of a laugh. I do occasionally come out with a witty sentence or two. Mostly by accident.