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What’s In My Period Survival Kit #TalkingPeriods

While periods are a natural part of life, they can be pretty shit at times. Cramps from hell, mood swings, breakouts and low mood can all result in you dreading your period tuning up. Although the alternative isn’t exactly appealing to me either! I’m like a Sim a lot of the time- if I want to cheer myself up, I treat myself to something new or something I love. It can literally be something as small as a bar of chocolate or a new lip liner! So for days when I’m curled up  ...

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What I Got For My Birthday 

Okay so this post is really late. Like a month today late. Normally I would be so on the ball with things like this, I have to do lists full of to do lists for goodness sake! But life has a habit of not sticking to your made up daydreams of how you want it to be. So rude. So as my regular readers will know it was my birthday last month and I had one of the best ones ever! I spent it with the people I love and got some really awesome gifts (most of which are Harry Potter related as you  ...

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