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Why Halloween Can Be Hell For People With Anxiety

Pun most definitely intended! I have a love hate relationship with Halloween. I love it because it’s the one time of year I can embrace the style I love and wear the clothes and accessories I adore without people giving me funny looks. Well, mostly. On the other hand, I absolutely dread it coming around because of all things associated with it that set my anxiety off. Scary films It’s the time of year where directors get to let out their inner sociopath and create the most disturbing films  ...

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I’m Not A Fan Of Halloween

Okay so I’m a bit of a Scrooge (or whatever the equivalent is) where Halloween is concerned. I’ve always thought I was the only one as it seems everyone else loves it, but thanks to Twitter I now know that there are a few other people out there that agree with me. Not many, but at least I’m not on my own. I just don’t do horror. At all. I have a seriously over active imagination and in all honesty I just don’t understand the concept of frightening yourself for  ...

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