My New Favourite Drugstore Mascara

So I was lucky enough to receive a few products from Technic last week!

This is a brand I remember using when I was first getting into makeup, back when I was 15/16 and they’re still just as good today.

I took a week to fully try out the products I was sent to see what I thought and I must say, I’m impressed!

I very nearly didn’t get these products at all thanks to the postman!

Apparently he has difficulty judging size as he shoved the parcel through the letter box when it clearly wasn’t going to fit easily. It ripped the padded envelope that they were sent in and while nothing was damaged, it was pretty annoying.

There could have been something breakable in there dude!

My New Favourite Drugstore Mascara

However once I got over my hissy fit and swatched the products for the first time, I must say they are great quality, especially for the price!

I’m super picky with makeup, I tend to just stick to the things I know and love rather than taking a risk and trying something new. However this has definitely encouraged me to branch out and try new products- especially when they don’t cost a fortune!

Mega Lash Volumising Mascara

Oh baby this is definitely my favourite item out of the bundle! I am super picky with mascara, to the point I’ve bought expensive stuff and ended up giving it to charity because I didn’t fall in love with it like I thought I would. This one however will be staying in my makeup bag and I will be stockpiling it so I never run out!

Normally I use Benefit They’re Real or Rollerlash but as I’m sure you know, the cost of these are astronomical and I hate having to use them when all I’m doing is going into unit for a lecture.

Now I’ll not need to as I’ll be using for my day-to-day go to product! It’s easily jumped to the top of my favourite products list, that’s including High End products too!

The brush reminds me of They’re Real as it’s really thick and adds a lot of volume to my lashes, even just with one coating.

Add a second coat and I’m in eye lash heaven!

Get Gorgeous 24 Carat Highlighter

Oh my days this one was scary to try! I’m so pale I could easily pass as a vampire…

I normally use a rose gold or champagne highlighter, as they’re the ones that tend to add a highlight but doesn’t leave me looking like an idiot, so trying this baby was a nerve-racking experience! However I needn’t have worried, this actually looks really nice on me…as long as I apply it with a really light hand!

I used my Superdrug B. Fan Brush (which I talk about in this haul here) to apply it with and this was definitely a good call. You can start with a light dusting and then add more on if you want to, rather than adding too much and then needing to take it all off and start again.

I would say this is more of a highlighter for parties, it’s probably a little too intense to use for my day-to-day routine. However I also tried this out as an eyeshadow and it looked lovely as an inner corner highlight. If you’re a normal skin colour (i.e. not a Twilight cast reject) this highlighter would look lovely for summer, adding a little bit of a bronze at the same time as a highlight- win!

Eyeshadow Primer

Okay so I need to admit something here; I’ve never used an eyeshadow primer before! Usually I just apply my normal Porefessional primer over my eyelids when I do the rest of my face and this works to keep my shadow in place.

Having never used one before I don’t really have an experience to compare it to, however I will give a warning here- every time I used this it made my eyes sting at first.

Now I have really sensitive skin and it regularly reacts to makeup so this is probably the reason behind this. However I just wanted to put that in as a warning for anyone else who might struggle with sensitive skin and thinking of buying this.

However for the purpose of this post I soldiered on and tried it out with my Urban Decay Naked3 pallet. It added a lovely shimmer underneath and my eyeshadow lasted through a university day so I’d say it’s pretty good at lasting, especially as I have a habit of rubbing my eyes when I’m bored and it still didn’t budge!

Brow pen

This is such a novel way of putting on my eyebrows, it’s like using a felt tip pen!

Now unfortunately this shade is a little too pale for me, I like my eyebrows to be on the dark side. However I tried it out regardless and I must say- it was pretty easy to apply with!

The thin section is great for creating an outline and then the thicker area is good for filling in the main bulk and oh boy does it stay on all day! I struggled to take this off afterwards, I had to really scrub my face with Mercilla Water to get it to come off.

If you’re looking for something that is long-lasting and will not budge, this is definitely something to be considered!

Colour Correcting Setting Powder

I tend to stick to my Rimmel Stay Matte powder religiously but I have to admit, the colour correcting setting powder is not too shabby! I’ve never used a loose powder before and honestly me trying this out should have been recorded, as I would easily have gotten £250 from You’ve Been Framed!

Once I figured out how the hell to get into it (tip: there is a clear sticker over the holes which you need to take off first- just incase you’re as daft as I am and was stood shaking it upside-down in confusion for at least 10 minutes before noticing!) I applied this with the pointed end of a beauty blender as I found this much easier than with the sponge provided. It’s a lovely neutral colour that added a bit of brightness to my face and didn’t settle into my pores and fine lines- always a winner for me!

I think that would could probably use this powder to bake with, if that’s your kind of thing. I’ve not had the chance to experiment with this (yet another thing I’ve not list is getting soooo long now- it’s starting to scare me!) but its something I would love to try out.

If you’ve any tips on how to bake effectively, send them my way- I need all the help I can get!

Overall the products are great quality and I will definitely be repurchasing the mascara; it’s quickly become a staple in my basic makeup routine and I don’t know what I’d do without it now!

Have you tried any of Technic’s makeup? What are your thoughts?

These products were sent to me by Technic but all opinions are completely my own and, as always, completly honest!

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