Technic Cosmetics Brush Cleaner Review

If theres one thing I am ridiculously bad at doing, it’s cleaning my makeup brushes. I know its a must but I always end up forgetting, especially as in this heat I’ve just been applying a BB cream from Kiko with a blending sponge, rather than a full coverage foundation.

So when Technic Cosmetics sent me over their new brush cleaner to try, I knew I couldn’t put off cleaning them any longer.

I’m so lazy at times it unreal.

Technic Cosmetics Brush Cleaner Review

Now until now I’ve just been using a Superdrug own brand spray to clean my brushes and in all fairness it does the job, especially if you’re wanting a quick and easy solution.

But this offers a much deeper clean and after cleaning all 23 of my makeup brushes (I have a slight obsession with buying new brushes that I don’t technically need) I can safely say its worth a try!

Technic Cosmetics Brush Cleaner Review

It’s super easy to use: simply wet your brush, swill it around in the pot and then rub the brush against your hand to start getting all the product off. I only had to repeat this process two or three times to fully clean all the product off my foundation buffer brush, which when you consider how much was probably on there (you can see they need doing in the photos) was really quite good!

Its defiantly one of those products where a little goes a long way and looking at the size of the pot, I could use it every weekend for 6 months and still not hit pan…or pot…whichever!

Technic Cosmetics Brush Cleaner Review

Theres no scent to the product that I could detect and can be used if you have sensitive skin like I do: some cleaners can set off a reaction with me but I’m really happy that this one didn’t cause any irritation at all! If you’re looking for an inexpensive brush cleaning thats going to last you a while, I’d recommend giving this a try.

I guess from now on I won’t have an excuse not to clean my brushes like I should!

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