Weekly Roundup | 22.10.16

I’ve been a bit MIA from the blogging world these last two weeks, but especially this week as I’ve only been able to write one post- Anxiety & Bullying.

I was hoping that it’d be able to balance university and blogging but it turns out I was mistaken, university work has just ended up taking over my life! As I write this I’m sat in my pjs with a big cup of coffee feeling like I could sleep for a week. Part of it is the amount of work I have to do but its mostly mental exhaustion, having to go out so much to such a busy city is testing my coping abilities to the maximum.

Then when I get home I have to try and make time to write posts, take photos, schedule social media, take part in blogger chats, talk to and socialise with my friends, spend time with my parents and grandparents…there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything on my list!

Something had to give and unfortunately it’s had to be blogging this week. However I’m hoping that now the big initial panic of “crap I need to constantly be working and get as much work done as possible” is over, I will be able to find a better balance between uni work, blogging and setting up my online store (more on that at a later date!).

So please bear with me over the coming weeks as I try and find this balance.

Weekly Roundup | 22.10.16

This week has been all about photography! I had some problems with my camera during last weeks lesson so I was technically behind everyone else with my portfolio. However I managed to get the camera fixed and went about taking some portraits of members of my family…good job they love me!

I am absolutely in love with the end products! The first one is my dad playing his fender guitar, one of the many he owns. He only loves three things: Mum, Me and his Guitars…not necessarily in that order!

Dad and his Guitar

Next is my grandad working on a puzzle: he’s the person who taught me to play chess and started off my love of all things logical! He’s always supported everything I’ve done in my life and I honestly don’t know what I would do without him! When I was growing up he would always be working on a puzzle in the paper or a magazine so this picture just brings back so many memories from my childhood.

Grandad doing a crossword

Lastly is a picture of my mum looking at her mothers memory box. I wont go into the whole backstory of this, I wrote a post on it a few months ago which you can find here if you’re interested. The short story is my nanna died when she was just 36 years old and my mum was just 19, only a month or so after her first child- my brother- died.

Because of reasons I’m not going to go into my nanna was cremated and her ashes scattered in a place that we can’t go visit, as they’re basically in a random persons garden. So we have no place to go and visit of lay flowers for her on special days. As such my dad made my mum a box and attached the memorial plaque that was made for her onto it, so that she could put the few possessions and pictures we have of nannas inside. This is probably one of the most important items my mum owns which is why I wanted to use it!

Mum holding her Mums Memory Box

Also this week I am starting something I have been wanting to do since I was in secondary school: pole fitness! I’m going with a friend who’s asked to stay anonymous for now but we’re both super excited to give it a go! We both hope to tone up/loose weight and gain more self confidence as thats something we both lack.

Plus if I’m ever short of cash….

Weekly Links:

What Is A Panic Attack? | Mental Health

This post by Meg is brilliant and so relatable! Just reading it made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that the things I feel and do when having a panic attack myself are completely normal, which they are!

Why The Education System Is Ruining My Mental Health

Another post I can relate to so much since starting university. I feel that since starting uni my mental health has gotten so much worse and the points Nicole raises are really important! You really need to read this post!

Stop the internet, I want to get off

Amber bet me to writing this post. Seriously, what is wrong with people these days?! Why do people think that they can say whatever the hell they like just because they’re typing it on a screen rather than saying it to someones face?! I won’t start to rant as she covers everything I want to say in her post, but I honestly can’t believe what the world is coming to these days!

10 Free Stock Photos for Creative Entrepreneurs

Louise is a lifesaver with this gorgeous photography pack! These are going to be such a time saver, meaning I can concentrate on creating better content rather than worrying about the getting the photography done while I have some natural light left!

Check out my previous post: Anxiety & Bullying

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