Weekly Roundup 30.10.16

Just writing the date in the title of this post has freaked me out…how can it be only 19 days until I’m 23?!?

I don’t know if it’s just me but after leaving school (and not having to write it in your book every day) I’ve sort of lost all  concept of time on a daily basis. It’s more run by distant deadlines and I only seem to notice the date when one of those approaches.

The same with days: I’m actually writing this from my bed this morning as I completely forgot what day it was and didn’t realise I needed to write a round-up, I thought it was only Friday…

I can’t be the only one who does this?

Weekly Roundup 30.10.16

Anyway last week I mentioned that I was going to start pole dancing lesson and I had my first one last Sunday. It’s probably my last too unfortunately. While I really loved it and wanted to carry on it just isn’t practical right now. Not only am I in a hell of a lot of pain for the rest of the week (I’m still feeling it now) but I’m literally covered in bruises! My whole right forearm was covered plus both my thighs and part of the right calf.

I wish I’d taken some normal pictures but I just put them on Snapchat…plus most of them are in places I can’t really put pictures of on the internet anyway!

Not only that but money is a problem. I’m wanting to leant to drive so an extra £7 a week (plus fuel and parking shared between me and my friend) on top of £20 per lesson is going to add up very quickly. I don’t have a job or any money other than my student loan coming in and, while I still had a fair bit of last years saved up, I’ve still got to watch my spending. Especially with how ridiculously expensive living is these days!

So I’m pretty sad about that, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s just not practical at the moment. Still, doesn’t mean I can’t start back up later.

I’m also soooo happy that I’ve finally got Skyrim back! I had it on my 360 and played it to death! I really don’t want to know how many hours I spent on there but let’s just say my number of saves was nearly at 1000…

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition
When I switched over to a One I couldn’t play it anymore but this week they’ve released s remastered version for it!

I’m a bit miffed that I’ve had to pay for it all over again and had to go through to town to pick up a CD version because it cost £15 to download through the Xbox Store for some reason! I wouldn’t complain as much but my social anxiety was playing up that day and I really didn’t want to leave the house. But still, I’ve got it and it’s taking over my life once again!

Dark Brotherhood here I come!

So onto the link that I’ve found and loved this week:


This post by Sophie Black has been so helpful! When I eventually get round to going self hosted and take my blog more seriously, I do want to start working with brands. But as someone with social anxiety I have literally no idea who you would go about contacting them. If you’re the same then seriously- you need to read this post! She even provides an email template for you to take inspiration from!


This is a bit of a follow-up post from the previous one, again by Sophie. I’m not going to lie I could do all of my link on her content, she’s defiantly one of my new favourite bloggers! This covers things from the PR’s point of view, what to do not only to make it easier for them to contact you but also a bit of etiquette on dealing with them.

6 Freelancing Fears that are Holding You Back (and How to Overcome Them)

This is such an inspirational post! Not only does this post give you a lot of great help and advice but it also gives you a (much-needed in my case) kick in butt to get your act together and get started.

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