Whats In My Bag?

Having just bought a new bag for my trip to London I decided I might as well do this tag while changing everything over.

(it’s also a great way to make sure I have everything with me that I’ll need!)

Whats in my Bag

I’ve seen loads of bloggers write these posts and I must admit I love reading them- I’m so nosey! I enjoy seeing what people have in their bags and possibly find some new things that I just have to buy!

So this is my new bag: it’s a backpack from Primark and it cost £9! I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t ware backpacks as they’re easy to get into and steal out of but I won’t be able to juggle my normal bag plus a case, this will make things so much easier! Plus I really love backpacks. I wanted one that zipped up to make it harder to get into and my friend who I went shopping with spotted this one for me. It holds a lot more than you think it would with room to spare and I’m the kind of person who takes everything including the kitchen sink, so that’s saying a lot!

The pompom is from either New Look or Topshop (I have one from each and can’t remember which I got from where) but it goes on whichever bag I’m using as I absolutely love it.

In the front zip compartment I always keep a mini bottle of antiperspirant, the one I have at the minute is one from Sure that I picked up in Primark when I was buying my bag. Those little stands by the tills always get!

Headphones are an absolute must for me, especially if I’m travelling. I use music as a way to help control my social anxiety and have different playlists on Spotify for different situations.

It works fairly well but I can’t walk around with headphones in in public anymore after a guy tried to drag me into a car when I was 17 and I didn’t hear him coming because I had them in. Good job my dad drilled self defence into me so much that it’s become instinctive, I dread to even think what might have happened as I’m pretty sure he didn’t want just a friendly conversation with me. This is actually the main reason I have social anxiety funnily enough so yeah, no walking with headphones in for me.

This final item I keep in the front compartment is my asthma inhaler. Don’t ask me to tell you the name of it as I have no idea what it is, as with all medications it’s at least three syllables too long. All I know is it’s one of the only inhalers I can use. I have a heart condition which means I can’t use inhalers that include steroids, but my asthma is so bad that I need stronger inhalers and all of which include steroids….bit of a catch 22!

Two things that I never leave the house without are my purse and my house keys. I don’t know where the purse is from I’m afraid as I bought it from the charity shop I volunteer at and there’s no name inside. The pompom is from wherever the other one isn’t from, I’m thinking this is the New Look one but I’m not sure why.

I used to have tones of keyrings on my keys but I recently decided to get rid of them and just have my pompom and penlight on them, I actually feel more like an adult now though I couldn’t explain why!

Next are my sunglasses; with the wonder that is the Great British weather you can never know what it’s going to be like from one minute to the next so I always have these with me. They’re prescription ones from Specsavers as I can’t see a thing without my glasses on!

I can hear the Velma comments now.

Before I bought these I would just buy standard sunglasses and do the best I could. I get bad light migraines so I didn’t really have an option, I had to wear something when it was sunny. But after a few years of not being able to read texts and nearly getting knocked over by cars I decided to take advantage of Specsavers two-for-one deal and pick up a prescription pair as well as a new pair of normal glasses.

Best decision I’ve ever made!

My travel passes and student card are two things I have with me at all times still, more out of habit than anything. I buy all my train tickets through the Trainline these days and, even though it says you need to present your 16-25 discount card when asked, I’ve never been asked yet!

Can garuntee if I didn’t have it with me they’d want to see it though.

Sod’s law.

The case is from Paperchace and is brilliant for keeping everything travel related in one place.

You were meant to have a red lapel and wear your student card round your neck at all times at uni but no one ever did- most of my class lost their cards and never bothered to replace them! I changed my lapel to a Cath Kidson one that matches my phone case and no one seemed to care. I don’t really need to carry it around with me anymore but until I get my new one from Sheffield I might as well take advantage of still having it for student discount!

These are my “misc” items; I never leave the house without hand sanitizer (I’m a real germaphobe!) and I love this one from Soap and Glory, it smells soooo nice!

I don’t tend to use perfume, instead I use this body mist from Ted Baker. I have the large version at home for daily use and keep this little bottle for when I’m on the go.

Hair brush and manicure set are pretty self explanatory…the set is from Primark and the brush is from the travel section in Boots.

This is my favourite lip product of all time! I’ve tried the lingerie ones and I’ll be honest: I can’t stand them! You can read my thoughts on them in my NYX Lip Lingerie Letdown post if you’re interested in my opinion. I much prefer the suede collection and Sandstorm is a gorgeous colour and formula. It’s always in my bag, even if I’m wearing a different product: I’ll put them both in my bag, just in case!

My mirror is again from Primark (you starting to seeing a pattern here yet?) and it’s something else that I always keep with me. I don’t tend to top my makeup up during the day but I will make sure the my lipstick looks good and that I’ve not got food or something round my mouth after eating…I have nightmares about that happening!

Last but by no means least- a portable charger. This baby is a life saver! Especially since Pokemon go took over my life. Having an iPhone is great, I could never go back to an android as I hated them, but the battery on them can be shocking! Especially as mine is getting a little old now and I could really do with upgrading it- it needs charging so much these days it might as well be a landline!

There are few more little bits such as chewing gum, “women’s products” and pretty much a whole first aid kit that I always carry around with me but thought that one might be a bit TMI…

Send me the links to your own or your favourite What’s in my Bag posts/videos- I’d love to read/watch them!


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