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Three Things I’m Grateful For 

I can’t believe that it’s been nearly a week since I last blogged! I’m so sorry, I’ve just been so busy with uniwork and to be honest I’ve been struggling with my mental health; I haven’t had enough concentration and energy to get out of bed to make food, let alone write a blog post. Anxiety and depression have both decided to hit me at the same time, so it’s been a bit of a struggle this past week or two.

Three Things I'm Grateful For

Whenever I get like this though I use two techniques: A Happy Jar and A Gratitude Log. The Happy Jar I will be going into in another post so I’ll leave that for the moment but the Gratitude Log is basically me reflecting on life and seeing what good things have happened to me recently. They don’t have to be anything big or amazing but it helps to ground you and help you appreciate the little things in life. In the past I would write these things down in an actual diary but now I’m blogging I think I’m going to put them on here. So here we go! These are three things that I’m grateful for right now:


New stuff! 

I feel like a Sim with this one but every time I get something new it always cheers me up! If it’s an accessory for something it also makes me want to use the item a lot more than I did before. I bought this iPad case from Ann Summers in the sale for just £5! I hardly ever used my iPad as its a really old model and doesn’t run that well, but after getting this new case I’ve hardly put it down! Not only is it great for my iPad but it can also fit my Kindle in at the same time!! Perfect for uni and I can carry both of them in my bag easily and I know that they’re safe and won’t get scratched or damaged.


FINALLY updated my Behance profile.

I have neglected this soooo much over the last month or so! Originally I just put the end piece up as it was but I never liked how it looked, it didn’t look professional at all. I’m not really sure what inspired me but I woke up and just decided I was going to put all my work into mockups. The second I changed my first project I was so much happier with it- my profile looked professional and interesting for once! Almost immediately I noticed a rise in the number of people viewing my projects as well which I’m so happy about. If you want to check out my portfolio for yourself then CLICK HERE dears!



As much as I don’t want to finish uni, I’m going to be so glad to get rid of all this research and development! I love doing the projects and coming up with new ideas and concepts but the written side of it can get really annoying. However I’m really organised (the picture is organised chaos I promise) and as such I’ve almost finished my final major project! It’s going to be such a relief to hand it in and then not have to think about it again afterwards- definitely going to be having a celebratory glass of wine…or three!
So there you go, those are the three things I’m grateful for right now- let me know what you’re grateful for on either TwitterInstagram or in the comments below!

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