25 Things I’ve Learnt In 25 Years


So today I turn 25 – a quarter of a century!

I really can’t believe I’ve just typed that; I don’t feel my age at all. I still feel like a 15 year old who has no idea what she’s doing with her life or how to navigate being an adult. 

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact I still live at home with my parents. 

Nothing makes you feel like a kid so much as knowing you have a set time to be back in the house for, or having to ask permission for Chris to sleep over for the night. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are perks to still living at home too!

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Because I’m not having to pay as much as I would in private renting, I’ve been able to save some of my student loan while I’ve been at university. 

Plus it’s given me a bit of a security blanket for starting my own business – I know if it all goes wrong, I won’t starve or end up homeless. 

Still, living at home at 25 has quite a bit of stigma attached to it.

I struggle most days with feeling not good enough, and that I’m just sat here wasting my life. I worry that my parents are disappointed in me, and that they secretly wish I’d hurry up and move out.

But over the past year, I’ve come to realise that everyone does things at a different pace. 

You might be happily single. You might not want kids. You might not want the stress and worry of a mortgage. You might want to take a year and just travel around the world.

What you want from life can be completely different to what someone else does – and that’s great! 

So on that theme, I’ve put together a list of 25 things that I wish I’d figured out years ago. Kind of a cliche birthday blog post, but it’s nice to do the classics every so often. 

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Macbook Pro | How To Be Human Book | Glasses

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt so far?

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25 Things I've Learnt In 25 Years

33 responses to “25 Things I’ve Learnt In 25 Years”

  1. lolitambonita says:

    Amen couldn’t agree more with all of these points lady!! x

  2. I love this post – there are so many things on this list that really resonate with me! So many things that I’ve also learnt this year, especially ‘you’re never too old to change your life’. Hope you had a wonderful birthday 🙂

    Sammy | selfcaresloth.wordpress.com

  3. Lia says:

    I absolutely love this. We are constantly conditioned to think that we should be hitting these milestone achievements at a certain age, but honestly, everyone is on their own unique path and we should discourage ourselves because the next person has done it quicker than we have. I could totally relate to all of the 25 statements too!!


  4. Love this!! I’m going to remember the ‘worrying means suffering twice’ because it is so so true. Hope you had a fab birthday 🙂 x

    -Charlotte / myownblogofthoughts.blogspot.com

  5. Great post and happy birthday for yesterday! I’ve had a bit of a freak out on my last two birthdays – I was 26 in September and I still live at home with my parents. I totally understand the taboo attached to it but I don’t know why it’s there. Everyone’s situation is different! xxx

  6. Very wise thoughts, well beyond your 25yrs. Excellent post

  7. I love it! Everything you mentioned is so important, sometimes you have to remind yourself of these tips. Thank you for such a lovely post!

  8. I relate to this post so much, I am 24 and still live with my parents as well. I get a lot of crap about it from both my parents and my brother. it defientely makes you feel like a failure but you know, like you said people do things on different time lines. just because your timeline or my timeline isn’t the same as someone else’s doesn’t mean any of us are disappointments. Life is just really fricken hard lol. I really loved this post, happy belated birthday xx

    mich / simplymich.com

  9. Some great advice here! I’m in my 40s and what I would say is never try to plan your life too much it is constantly delivering curve balls! Roll with it!

  10. Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad you can relate to some of these! ☺️ that’s definitely one of my favourites, society seems to like telling people they’re too old to do things when they’re really not 🙄 and it was a fantastic day thank you ☺️

  11. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you lovely! I’m glad you could relate to them all too ☺️ there really is too much pressure on people, it’s not fair at all as it can really effect people’s mental health!

  12. Jade Marie says:

    It was brilliant thank you ☺️ and I love that one too, I swear I’m going to get it tattooed one day 😂 x

  13. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you Jenny! 😘 yeah I don’t know why it exists either – my auntie is in her 50’s and still lives at home with her parents 🤷🏻‍♀️ it works well for both her and my grandparents so what’s it to do with anyone else 🙄 I’m glad I’m not the only one still living at home though, its nice to know you’re not the only one sometimes!xxx

  14. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you ☺️ my mums always joked I was an old soul born into a young body, and I think she’s right!

  15. Best way to be, nicely mature and very wise x

  16. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you! And we do, it’s easy to forget these things at times!

  17. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you lovely ☺️ I’m glad you can relate to this post, although I’m sorry to hear your family give you crap for still living at home 😔 we definitely aren’t failures though, we’re just on a different journey to other people ☺️ xx

  18. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you ☺️ and that’s a great bit of advice! I’m forever trying to plan things, and they hardly ever work out how I want them to 😂

  19. Jade Marie says:

    It really is, I wouldn’t have it any other way! ☺️ x

  20. Love these type of posts. I moved back home after I finished university for almost 2 years and there were some things that was a little annoying about it but it was really helpful for me as I only had to pay a small amount of rent I managed to save a lot of money and because of that I got to move out and have my own place with my partner! So some good perks for sure. Great points you’ve made too, self-care is so important and we should definitely focus on our mental health. Lovely post 🙂

    Chloe xx

  21. Anything mental health related is so important. I’m happy to have learned that too.

  22. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Try not to compare yourself to everyone else and remember that social media is skewed and isn’t usually an honest depiction of a person’s whole life – we tend to only show the best bits – think of it as a highlights reel. We all have our own paths to walk and our own pace to do things.

  23. ferretfitness says:

    Happy Birthday! It’s crazy that our birthdays make us think so much about what we know, what we’re yet to know and how we’re ‘progressing’ I think you’re doing really well, and so long as the good bits outweigh the bad, everything will turn out fine! 😀

  24. Happy belated birthday lovely! I’m with you on so many of these things. Cutting toxic people out can end up being the best thing for you. Your own wellbeing and mental health is so much more important xxx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  25. I love this! Those are all excellent points and it was great to be reminded of them. I hope you’ve had a lovely birthday. 🙂


  26. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you ☺️ yeah still living at home definitely helps you save up – me and my partner are hoping to move in together either next year or the year after. We don’t want to rent though so we need to do some serious saving lol xx

  27. Jade Marie says:

    It is! I’m glad you’ve learnt that, it’s such an important lesson 🙂

  28. Jade Marie says:

    It was brilliant thank you – one of my best! ☺️ yeah social media never shows you the whole picture, it’s only ever the good stuff usually

  29. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you! 😁 yeah it’s such a strange day, same as New Years; it’s a day when we seem to set intentions and measure how far we’ve grown. The good definitely outweigh the bad, so I’m happy ☺️

  30. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you lovely! ☺️ getting rid of toxic people has definitely been one of the best things I’ve done this year – I’m so much happier because of it 🙌🏼 xxx

  31. Jade Marie says:

    I did thank you, it was a brilliant day ☺️

  32. Jade Marie says:


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