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I'm Jade Marie, an opinionated twenty five year old award-nominated mental health and autism awareness blogger, breaking stereotypes one blog post at a time.

I can usually be found with a cup of tea in one hand, and a good book in the other!

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If I’m not sharing way too much information about my sex life or talking candidly about my latest depressive episode, you’ll probably find me in a charity shop trying to find another book to add to my overflowing collection.

I’ve just had to start on a fourth bookshelf!

I fell into blogging by accident back in 2015, when I fell down the rabbit hole of Hannah Gale’s amazing posts. Before that point, I’d never even heard of a blog (let alone thought of starting one myself!), but I became hooked and realised this was something I wanted to do myself.

I never imagined that one day it would turn into my career!

I started my own blog a week later and since then I’ve been lucky enough to grow an amazing and inspirational audience, all doing what I love; educating people on the realities of mental health and autism, talking about my own struggles and helping to inspire people with my personal journey. 

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My posts aren’t always easy reading. I talk regularly about the darker side of mental health + try my best to break down some of the stigmas and misconceptions around it.

Hopefully, you’ll find something here that can help you, and if you need a giggle I have a few more light-hearted pieces.

Theres one about what happened when manufactures think that condoms are one size fits all – that one’s very popular!

In October 2018 my blog was short listed for a UK Blog Award in the Mental Health category, and an Inspirational Students Award at Sheffield Hallam University in 2019!

Please Note: None of my content, whether that be images, text, or graphics can be replicated or used under any circumstances without my written consent. 


As you may know, I’ve been self-employed since November 2018, and as such there are now parts of this blog which earn me money.

If you want a full breakdown of how I make money on this site and how it may affect you, please see my full disclaimer policy, which is linked below!

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