I’m Jade Marie, a twenty five year old award nominated mental health and autism awareness blogger.

I can usually be found with a cup of tea in one hand, and a good book in the other!

If I’m not sharing way too much information about my sex life or talking candidly about my latest depressive episode, you’ll probably find me in a charity shop trying to find another book to add to my overflowing collection.

I’ve just had to start on a fourth bookshelf!

I fell into blogging by accident back in 2015, when I fell down the rabbits hole of Hannah Gale’s amazing posts. Before that point I’d never even heard of a blog (let alone thought of starting one myself!), but I became hooked and realised this was something I wanted to do myself.

I never imagined that one day it would turn into my career!

I started my own blog a week later and since then I’ve been lucky enough to grow an amazing and inspirational audience, all doing what I love; educating people on the realities of mental health and autism, talking about my own struggles and helping to inspire people with my personal journey. 

My posts aren’t always easy reading. I talk regularly about the darker side of mental health + try my best to break down some of the stigmas and misconceptions around it. Hopefully you’ll find something here that can help you, and if you need a giggle I have a few more lighthearted pieces.

Theres one about what happened when manufactures think that condoms are one size fits all – that one’s very popular!

The Top 5 Crime Documentaries You Need To Watch On Netflix

In October ’18 my blog was short listed for a UK Blog Award in the Mental Health category, and an Inspirational Students Award at Sheffield Hallam University in 2019!

I’ve been featured in publications such as Refinery29 & The Yorkshire Post, as well as creating mental health resources for a wonderful charity called Sheffield Futures; I’ve even dipped my toe into the world of YouTube. 

That one was a scary experience! 


I do accept items to review and create sponsored content in collaboration with brands, but only if it is something I genuinely love and would buy myself.

These will always be clearly labelled in line with ASA regulations. This will be by using [AD] for sponsored content, and [Gifted + Product/Experience] for anything I’ve been sent or gifted.

I will also occasionally use affiliate links, which will be clearly labelled with an asterisk (*) and I will include a disclaimer at the top of the post.

These won’t cost you any extra money, it just means I’m given a small amount of commission on every sale to help pay my bills.

No part of my blog, whether that be images, text or graphics, can be replicated or used under any circumstances without my written consent. 


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Thanks for stopping by! I’m a twenty-five-year-old digital media graduate with a passion for writing and a desire to change the way we view mental health and autism. I’ve owned jademarie.co.uk for nearly two years now, and its slowly changed from a place where I would brain dump whatever was going through my head that day, into a place where people can come for help, advice and hopefully a bit of a laugh. I do occasionally come out with a witty sentence or two. Mostly by accident.