Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm Review

Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm

Back in November, I popped into The Body Shop to spend my birthday gift voucher and I decided to try out the Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm.

Partly because I had no idea what else to get as I didn’t really need anything, but mostly because I saw it helped improve the appearance of tattoos and stretch marks.

Even though I try my best to protect them, my tattoos have started to fade a little recently, so I thought it would be worth trying the balm out to see if it really could brighten up my tattoos again.

Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm

I’ll be the first to admit, I was a little cynical at first as I’ve tried tattoo products before with little success, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked.

Of course, being me, I completely forget to get some photos of my tattoos before I started using it.

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But in the past two months, I’ve really started to notice a difference, and my tattoos are actually looking less dull and more vivid than they did previously!

My colour tattoo has seen the most noticeable change.

The red has become a lot more vivid and even the green, which was the first thing to fade, has started to look brighter again.

Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm

My other tattoos are simple black outlines, some of which had started to go slightly grey and dull.

The changes to these have been a lot slower and less noticeable (especially at first) but I’m starting to see some improvements.

My back tattoo is only a year old so it’s not really faded too much yet, but the one on my wrist wasn’t looking too great as it’s my oldest tattoo (about 6 years old now) so I concentrated on that one most.

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While it’s still not the rich black it was originally, I’ve noticed the blue/grey tint that had started to show through has almost gone.

It’s still slightly grey but it’s definitely an improvement over the way it looked before!

I’m actually thinking of getting that one retouched soon, as the original artist didn’t do a great job on it and I want a few bits added to it too.

I’ve also been using it on the stretch marks I have on my boobs, hips and thighs.

While they’re not something that really bothers me, I wanted to try it out for this review and see if it made any difference.

I didn’t really notice much of a difference at first, but after a few months of using it, the stretch marks on my boobs and hips have almost completely gone.

The ones on my thighs (which were actually quite deep and always the more noticeable) seem to be getting better too, they don’t look as deep as they did before and they don’t stand out as much against my skin.

Overall I think it’s defiantly worth investing in if you have tattoos that you want to brighten up or stretch marks you want to make less noticeable.

I’ll definitely be picking up another one when this one gets low, and can’t see it leaving my evening routine any time soon.

You can buy the Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm from The Body Shop for £9.

Have you tried the Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm on your own tattoos or stretch marks? What are your thoughts on it?

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Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm Review


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  • LaurenEph says:

    It’s really interesting that it says tattoos and stretch marks. I sometimes use bio oil for stretch marks but never seen anything that says specifically for tattoos! Does it smell nice? X

  • Jade Marie says:

    I hadn’t until I saw this which is why I wanted to try it! I tried bio oil for my stretch marks as a kid and it didn’t work for me, I had to use Aloe Vera gel 🙁 and yeah it smells lovely, kinda fresh but earthy at the same time haha!x

  • Jordyn says:

    I’m definitely going to have to try this out. Like you, I’m fair-skinned and don’t get much sun exposure so my tattoos haven’t started fading TOO badly, but I’m always looking for ways to get the color to pop 🙂 Thanks for this! Pinning this post so I remember the product! Have a great day

  • Jade Marie says:

    Thank you for pinning, I’m glad you found the post useful! 🙂 you’ll have to let me know if you get it and how well it works; I’d love to put other peoples experiences into the follow up post too 🙂
    Have a great day yourself!

  • This is really interesting I’ve never heard of anything like this for tattoos! My first tattoo hasn’t faded at all but my one on my ribs which is only a year old is fading, I think due to the placement. I’d love to see a follow up to this post☺️

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’d never heard of anything like this before which is why I picked it up! I’ve not got my ribs done (you’re much braver than I am!!) but it could be the placement 🙁 I’ll hopefully be posting it in March so watch this space ☺️

  • Ribs wasn’t actually painful! My tattoo there is only about 2 inches though. My thigh was so much worse but I sat for 4 hours for my first tattoo which is probably why it was so sore 😂

  • Jade Marie says:

    I always thought thigh would be fairly easy but maybe not then 😂 and ah that’s not too large I guess – I want a full sternum piece doing! 😬

  • There’s a tendon in your thigh and the pain from it can be felt in your stomach 🙅🏼‍♀️ hopefully your sternum piece goes well, maybe consider breaking it into a few sittings ☺️

  • Jade Marie says:

    Oh my days that sounds horrible! 😬 think I might put that one off for a while then 😅 and thank you! It’s Egyptian based 😍 and I already planned on splitting it into at least 2 sessions, although it’ll be more likely 3 😂

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