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The advice I’m giving here comes from being terrified of starting up this blog, I was so worried about doing it but once I started it, I quickly realised it is one of the best things I’ve ever chosen to do!

So below I just wanted to list some of the tips, tricks and general advice that might help; with blogging and maybe with life in general really.

(For some reason WordPress has deleted most of what I wrote yesterday and I have a lecture in an hour so I don’t have time to re-write it, so apologies for the rather short post!) 

Don’t give up. When I started my blog I repeated two of my favourite quotes like mantras- “Fear cuts deeper than swords” and “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear; The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.” These are the things that get me through the terror and the “omg what the hell was I thinking, I can’t do this” moments. Whatever your favourite motivational quotes are, keep repeating them to yourself when you have these thoughts. Also focus on how far you’ve come and what you managed to achieve the last time you thought these things! A great technique I use is called a Happy/Memory Jar. If you don’t know what one is and want to know how to make your own then check out this post I wrote on them.

Just do it. This is such a stupid thing to say and I hate that I’m saying it now but just taking the plunge is the best things you can do. When I was about 14 I went swimming with some friends and they found out I couldn’t swim so one of them took naive, innocent old me up to the deep end and pushed me in! Now to be fair to him he did jump in after me and pull me up when he realised I wasn’t going to surface on my own, and maybe he didn’t deserve the almighty slap he got when I’d coughed up all the water I’d swallowed, but thats besides the point. Write a hello post, take some gorgeous pictures, sign up for a free WordPress or Blogger account and hit publish. Create a design and put in on social media to see if  I promise once you’ve got over that first hurdle it will get so much easier!

Get some help. I don’t mean this as in you need to speak to a preexisting blogger: I mean if you can then great! But if not there are literally tons of posts about starting your own blog on sites live Bloglovin and Pinterest! If you don’t want to search yourself I have a blogging section on both of these that you can have a browse through (links are at the bottom of this post) or just type in something like “How to start a blog into Google”, you’ll find all the information you need I’m sure.

Bribe yourself. This is something I soooo often but it honestly works! It’s basically like training a dog; you reward them when they do something good, well take that principle and apply it to yourself. Write out a to do list, pick a task (or two if they’re only small ones) and do them. Then reward yourself with something you like when you finish them. For example this is the third post I’ve written today so once I’ve finished it I’m going to go make a large coffee in my favourite cup and saucer with a couple of custard creams on the side to dunk in- Heaven!

Don’t worry about what others will say. This was one of my biggest fears when I started blogging- online trolls. If you look at any large blogger or YouTuber you’ll find trolls or nasty people in their comments. Bullying all but destroyed me at one point in my life and even though I’ve built myself back up and grown a thicker “I don’t actually give a shit” skin, I still worried that nasty comments could bring me down again. However in the 4 months I’ve been blogging I’ve only received one nasty comment! The rest have been so supportive and kind! And if you do get one? Hit delete straight away! Don’t re read it and dwell on it, delete it and move on to the positive ones.

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  6. Lala Kerry says:

    I need the mantras in my life now. I feel I need to push forward without thinking of giving up and care about what others might think. You don’t know how much I love your posts!!

  7. Jade Marie says:

    I’m so glad you liked it lovely! ☺️ it’s so hard to do but once you can it’s so worth it!

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