How I Manage My Emetophobia During The Winter

25th November 2019

*trigger warning – this post talks about emetophobia (the phobia of being sick) and makes reference to anorexia* Roughly seven years ago I woke up feeling completely fine, ready for a day out playing snooker with my ex-partner and his family. By the end of the day, I had a phobia of being sick and, […]

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Celebrating 4 Things I’ve Achieved This Year

20th November 2019

If there’s one thing my therapist always used to push me to do more, it’s celebrating my achievements.  It’s something I’ve always struggled with, mostly because I always end up thinking about what I haven’t achieved, rather than what I have.  So since this week was my 26th birthday, I thought I would take this […]

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A woman in a cozy jumper writing notes into a spiral notebook

4 Investments You Should Be Making In Your Business

9th October 2019

*this post contains gifted products and affiliate links Next month will mark my one year anniversary of taking the leap and becoming self employed! I can’t believe how quickly the time seems to have flown and, while it’s not quite been the smooth sailing I’d hoped for (trying to balance a masters degree and running […]

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Jade Marie and her two tutors taking a selfie after her final Masters Dissertation Viva

My Plans For Jade Marie Moving Into 2020

18th September 2019

Hi, hello, remember me?  Yes I know it’s been a while since my last post. I think in the past few months I’ve only managed to get three new posts up, and I’m sorry about that.  I could blame it on my master’s degree, and while working on my dissertation has taken up a ton […]

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Black Ebony Bralette. Camel Jumper. Blue Jeans. Book

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Using Pinterest

6th July 2019

Oh Instagram, the app we all love to hate right now!  Between low engagement on posts, the follow/unfollow game, and of course the algorithm it’s easy to see why so many of us are getting a little fed up with Instagram right now.  So I thought I’d put together a quick post talking about how […]

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