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Dear Diary: Taking A Blogging Break

As you may have noticed recently, I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging and social media front lately and I wanted to write a quick post to explain why.

It’s not for lack of ideas, I’ve actually got two pages worth in one of my (many) notebooks! The problem has been having the time free to write them. People still seem to think that blogging is easy and doesn’t take much effort (their words not mine) but it really isn’t!

Dear Diary- Taking A Blogging Break

Not only do you have to write the post but you then have to: proof read it, check that it’s SEO optimised (so grateful for the Yoast plugin for this one- you’re a lifesaver!), create the main pinnable graphic, set up and take the accompanying photos and then edit the photos. Plus the work doesn’t stop there! Once it’s live you then have to promote it on social media and reply to any comments you receive…it’s honestly like a full time job!

Trying to balance that with a full time university course where you have to do three projects to do at once, learning to drive, spending time with Chris, having some kind of social life and then taking some “me time”…I’ve honestly burnt myself out.

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It’s too much to fit in, something had to give and unfortunately this time it was blogging. As much as I love it and would love to actually take it further, at the moment it’s the think that is at the bottom of the to-do pile.

So unfortunately I might be a bit quite on the blogging front for the next few months. I finish university for the year at the beginning of April so after that things should start to pick back up again! As much as I don’t want to do this I need to put my mental health first and cut back on my workload.

I’m sure I’ll be able to get a post up every so often but please bear with me. On the plus side I got a First for my Web Design project so all this hard work is paying off!

Until next time you can follow me on social media (FacebookTwitter | Instagram | Pinterest) to see what I’m up to. I’m a total convert to Instagram Stories now and trying to up how much I post on there!

Until next time lovelies x

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