My Experience At Boots Opticians & Why I Hate Wearing Glasses

Boots Opticians

I’m one of those lucky gals who had to wear glasses. Day in, day out since I was 4 years old. I remember there was a fashion trend a few years ago where people would wear fake glasses and all I can remember thinking is “why would you wear them if you don’t have to?!”

I hate wearing mine, they’re just so inconvenient!

My Experience At Boots Opticians & Why I Hate Wearing Glasses

I can’t wear false eyelashes (well I can’t put them on without nearly gluing my eyes shut anyway but, yano, if I could then I couldn’t wear them…), they fog up when you enter hot places, you can’t see a thing when it rains (seriously someone needs to invent windshield wipers for glasses already!) and most importantly- they cost a hell of a lot of money each year!

You have to pay for them testing, then pay for your frames and then added extras if, like me, you have really crap eyesight and need your lenses thinned so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing jam jar bottoms!

On top of that it can be so hard to know where’s best to get them done: I’ve recently moved from one place (which I’ll refrain from naming in this post) because both the customer service and the optical appointments were utter pants! The final straw for me was when the guy doing my appointment kept calling me girl, repeatedly touching my face for no apparent reason and then ended the appointment after 5 minutes saying my eyes hadn’t changed and that I was making it all up!

(For context; my eyes change constantly so they need testing and my lenses changing every year otherwise my vision becomes blurry and it causes massive headaches)

After that experience I’d had enough of the place and started looking round for somewhere else to go. In the end I actually ended up giving Boots Opticians a try and I’m so glad I did!!

I went for my first appointment today and it was the best appointment I’ve ever had! The lady who was doing my test was just lovely; she noticed I was a bit nervous (I was on my own and as such my anxiety was playing hell up) but she took some time at the beginning to talk to me and put me at ease.

During the test she made sure to warn me if the light was going to flash and was super patient when I kept asking her to switch between 1 & 2 (anyone who wears glasses will get this!)

Not only that but once the test was over she actually explained the results to me! She seemed genuinely shocked that the other place had never done this and even told me that the reason I’m more prone to getting headaches in bright lights is because I have blue eyes. Probably the only time in my life I wish I had a different eye colour…but hey ho, you learn something new every day!

Boots Opticians

Next was the bit I hate most- picking out my frames. I’m so indecisive it’s unreal but at Boots they have a person dedicated to you personally and they help you pick frames within your price range and that suit you best!

The lady that helped me was so patient bless her, she’s the one that actually spotted a pair I hadn’t and I ended up choosing those in the end!

Because I have my lenses thinned I have to wait until next Sunday to actually pick them up, but it will definitely be worth the wait! They did cost more than at the previous place I went to but in all honesty I’d rather pay a bit more and get a much better level of customer service and care!

Where do you go to get your eyes tested? Have you tried Boots Opticians?

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  • Em says:

    I feel your pain, I hate wearing glasses! I actually made the switch to contact lenses a few years ago – especially as I need to wear something to be able to drive. They’re so much more convenient, and I’m a bit naughty and only wear them on days when I’ll be driving.

    I know some people can’t get lenses depending on their prescription. But is it something you’ve ever looked into?

    Em x

  • Jade Marie says:

    Hey Em, I’ve tried them and can’t even get them near my eye- I can’t put things like drops and sprays in my eyes either, just an issue I have I guess lol
    It’s a shame because it would make life soooo much easier!
    And haha well if you can see well enough day to day without them I don’t blame you! I’d do the same but all I see is a blur of colour without mine lol x

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