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I’m Not A “Real” Blogger…And Thats Okay! 

17th March 2017

I’ve been feeling really down about my blog lately. Feeling like I’m not good enough & that I’m not a “real” blogger. The ones that get all the engagement and blogging mail and has gorgeous photography. They live exciting lives and I’m just here in my little village not even owning a passport. It’s actually […]

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How To Work From Home And Actually Get Shit Done

How To Work From Home & Actually Get Shit Done 

28th January 2017

One of the biggest temptations when working from home is stay in your pjs all day and work from your bed with your favourite show on in the background. I know I’m guilty of doing it (hell I’m writing this post now while laid in bed, setting a great example here Jade!), but it’s really […]

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