Weekly Roundup & My Goal For The Rest Of The Year

16th October 2016

This week has been a really mixed week; on the one hand I’ve still been struggling with university (worse than ever actually) but at the same time I’ve also really improved within myself.

I’m not going to go into university and my dislike on how much weight I’ve gained since entering recovery, I don’t want to make this post negative- I’ve written enough of those lately. Instead I want to talk about a few personal achievements I’ve had this week that have really boosted my confidence in myself.

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Flowers, burning candles and a cup of hot chocolate, sat on a wooden table

My Experience On The Pill Injection & Why I Came Off It

4th October 2016

Having been on one pill or another for the past 7 years I’ve experienced both the ups and down of being on it. Now this post isn’t going to be exactly like the others I have planned in this series, it was a sup of the moment idea which I feel I need to talk about but I hope you’ll live it as much as the other posts in this series, which I have been getting such positive comments about!

Now I’m not going to turn this post into a rant about the pill and what I think about the system that lets kids go on this without ever having any of the side effects explained to them. Okay so maybe that was a mini rant…

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October Goals

1st October 2016

Whenever I write these posts I freak out slightly- like how can it be October already! I remember a time when a month seemed to last a year and I was counting down the time to my birthday or Christmas with excitement- now I dread it as it means I’ve wasted another year and not really done much.

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What I've Learnt From Tinder

What I’ve Learnt From Being On Tinder

12th August 2016

Now Tinder is something I swore I would never use. I’ve just no interest in dating- hell I even wrote a post about The Perks of Being Single! I’d heard some right horror stories too and I just couldn’t be bothered with it all. Buy my friends kept nagging at me to give it a try […]

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