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The Importance Of Being Sex Positive • So Divine Vibrating Love Egg • Star Tea Light Holder

The Importance Of Being Sex Positive

7th February 2019

*this post contains a gifted product, but all sex positivity is as always my own!  Sex is a natural part of life, yet it’s still a subject that most people don’t feel comfortable talking about.  The way sex was spoken about in general when I was growing up always made it seem like something dirty. […]

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What’s In My Period Survival Kit #TalkingPeriods

2nd October 2017

*this post is part of TOTM’s #TalkingPeriods campaign, the aim of which is to lessen the social taboo that surrounds periods. While periods are a natural part of life, they can be pretty shit at times. Cramps from hell, mood swings, breakouts, and low mood can all result in you dreading your period tuning up. [Related: The […]

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My Experience On The Pill Injection & Why I Came Off It

4th October 2016

Having been on one pill or another for the past 7 years I’ve experienced both the ups and down of being on it. Now this post isn’t going to be exactly like the others I have planned in this series, it was a sup of the moment idea which I feel I need to talk about but I hope you’ll live it as much as the other posts in this series, which I have been getting such positive comments about!

Now I’m not going to turn this post into a rant about the pill and what I think about the system that lets kids go on this without ever having any of the side effects explained to them. Okay so maybe that was a mini rant…

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What I've Learnt From Tinder

What I’ve Learnt From Being On Tinder

12th August 2016

Now Tinder is something I swore I would never use. I’ve just no interest in dating- hell I even wrote a post about The Perks of Being Single! I’d heard some right horror stories too and I just couldn’t be bothered with it all. Buy my friends kept nagging at me to give it a try […]

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