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5 Things I Do When I’m Struggling With Depression

6th July 2018

For me personally, depression has always been the mental health condition I struggle with most.  It saps me of all my motivation, ambition and energy, not ideal when you’re trying to establish your own brand and business. Not only that but it can literally come out of nowhere!  At least with my anxiety I can […]

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Not Everyone Enjoys Their Time At University

16th September 2017

So this post is basically inspired by a tweet I saw from the lovely Sophie (PetalsOfPerfection) that said: Beyond excited to graduate… sorry but if anyone says to me that uni years are the best years of my life. YOU ARE WRONG. I couldn’t agree more! I’m so sick of hearing that your days at […]

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My Experience On The Pill Injection & Why I Came Off It

4th October 2016

Having been on one pill or another for the past 7 years I’ve experienced both the ups and down of being on it. Now this post isn’t going to be exactly like the others I have planned in this series, it was a sup of the moment idea which I feel I need to talk about but I hope you’ll live it as much as the other posts in this series, which I have been getting such positive comments about!

Now I’m not going to turn this post into a rant about the pill and what I think about the system that lets kids go on this without ever having any of the side effects explained to them. Okay so maybe that was a mini rant…

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