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How To Record A YouTube Video When You Have Anxiety

6th October 2018

I’ve always sworn that I would never create videos for YouTube. I already have quite low self confidence thanks to over a decade of being bullied, and I knew seeing my face/hearing my voice on camera was just going to make me feel ten times worse about myself.  Well surprise – I’m on YouTube! In […]

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6 Ways To Practice Self Care As A Student

31st August 2018

*This post was written in collaboration with Gemma, who kindly sent me a selection of her lovely mandala designs. However all thoughts, opinions and self care love are, as always, my own.  The main thing I struggle with as a student is taking time away from work. I’m even worse at actually having some self […]

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Whitby Harbour

5 Things I Do When I’m Struggling With Depression

6th July 2018

For me personally, depression has always been the mental health condition I struggle with most.  It saps me of all my motivation, ambition and energy, not ideal when you’re trying to establish your own brand and business. Not only that but it can literally come out of nowhere!  At least with my anxiety I can […]

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My Evening Self Care Routine

18th June 2018

*this post contains gifted products So last month I wrote up a post talking about my morning self care routine and it quickly became one of my most popular posts! I loved reading everyone else routines and have even ended up taking a few of the tips other people suggested and putting them in mine. […]

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My Morning Self Care Routine

29th May 2018

Having a morning self care routine has completly changed my life! I’ve always been a morning person, I don’t think I’ve managed to sleep in past 8 o’clock since I was about 14. Unless I’m ill of course, then I’m one of those people who just sleeps all day until I feel better. I think […]

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