Celebrating 4 Things I’ve Achieved This Year

If there’s one thing my therapist always used to push me to do more, it’s celebrating my achievements. 

It’s something I’ve always struggled with, mostly because I always end up thinking about what I haven’t achieved, rather than what I have. 

So since this week was my 26th birthday, I thought I would take this opportunity to actually celebrate some of the achievements I’ve made since my birthday last year!

Grown my business 

This month I’ve just celebrated my one year anniversary of going self-employed, and I’m so proud of how much I’ve managed to grow my business over the past year. 

I won’t pretend I’ve made huge amounts of money this year, but that was never really my goal. 

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I’ve made enough money to cover my bills, have date nights with Chris, and add to my savings account. While that might not seem like much to some people, I’m extremely proud of being about to do that in my first year. 

For me this year has been about proving I can actually do this. 

That I can successfully run my own business, manage my time effectively and actually fill in a tax return without having a huge meltdown – although that last one was mainly thanks to Julia!

Graduated from my master’s degree 

Okay so I know I’ve taken about this a lot recently, but I can’t explain how proud I am of this achievement. 

I’m the first person in my family to even go to university, let alone go on to graduate from a masters degree, and with a distinction too! 

I put in so much work into the course, and I even chose to sideline my blog and business somewhat so I could focus on my dissertation and get the most out of it that I possibly could. 

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I’m not going to lie, it was probably one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done, but I also think it has been worth it. 

My whole dissertation was about my business, its viability and future plans, so it meant I really had to sit down and take an unemotional and critical look at my business plan. 

Not the easiest thing to do when you’re so invested and passionate about it, but I think it’s been beneficial in the long run as I now know my plans are viable and have even fully cost them out – something I’ll admit I hadn’t actually done before then!

Won an award for outstanding achievement 

It turns out all that hard work paid off, as I ended up receiving the Harvey Morton Digital Award for outstanding achievement!

It was to recognise the fact that I had the highest mark in the class for my dissertation, and I’m not going to lie, as the only non-business student on the course, I was pretty chuffed to get it. 

Plus I ended up getting 87% on my oral viva, which for someone with autism who has regularly been told she doesn’t communicate very well, was a real confidence boost!

Become more confident in myself 

This one has been a long time coming, but I’m so much happier in myself at the moment. 

When I was growing up I never used to care what people thought of me and I always had a lot of confidence in myself. Then shit happened and I ended up with pretty severe anxiety, and constantly ended up worrying what random people might be thinking of me. 

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This really affected me as a blogger/content creator, as I’m terrified of putting myself out there and wouldn’t go anywhere near a camera – even though I know video is a great tool and one I want to take advantage of for my business. 

But this year I’ve been making a real effort to get back to the mindset I had as a child. The one where I didn’t care what anyone thought about and I just followed my passions wherever they took me. 

And I’m starting to get there! 

I’ve got to the point where I’m mostly happy with my body. I’m working on creating a few pieces of video content. I’m putting more of my passion and my voice into the content I write. 

Self-confidence is always a work in progress, but I’m finally feeling like I’m making steps forward, rather than just paddling to keep my head above the water. 

There are so many other things I could include here, but then this post would end up being 5,000 words+, and I don’t think anyone wants to read something *that* long! 

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Celebrating 4 Things I've Achieved This Year

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