Mini Clinique Haul and First Impressions 

So a few weeks ago a popped into Boots to pick up some hair dye…thats not the most interesting start to a blog post that I’ve ever written but stick with me here. 

The Clinique counter is right next to the doors and as I walked in I just happened to glance over and notice that they had a 3 for £15 deal on a selection of their mini products. 

I love it when a brand has mini products, especially high end brands; it’s a great way to try them out to see if you like them, without having to make a huge financial commitment to a product you might not end up liking. I’ve wasted too much money in the past by buying a product based off of amazing reviews, only to find out it doesn’t agree with my skin or I don’t like it for whatever reason. Then you’re stuck with a £30+ product that you can’t really do anything with except give to a friend or family member 

Lip Pop Matte Mini 03 Ruby Pop

I had been looking for a new red lipstick for months and I think I’ve found a new favourite. I’ve always loved a red lip but my anxiety makes me nervous about leaving the house with it on, since I worry it draws attention to me and make me look ridiculous. 

But the last few months I’ve been trying to embrace the “fuck it” attitude and just wear whatever the hell I like, regardless of what other people might think and its been so refreshing. True my anxiety is still through the roof, but I’m doing my best to just push through and ignore it. 

I wore this lipstick when I went down to Harry Potter Studios for my birthday and I was really impressed with how long it lasted- I only had to top it up once after eating and even then it had only come off slightly. 

The full sized product is £16.50 which is a bit out of my budget for a lipstick normally but I may treat myself to one and then just use it sparingly!

High Impact Mascara

This mascara is honestly one of the most volumizing mascaras I’ve ever owned. Not only does it feel very light and thin on your lashes, but one coat gives you a real boost in volume. You don’t really need a second coat if you have naturally longish lashes, but I like to go over the top and make them as long as possible; especially if I’m not wearing any eyeshadow or liner.

Lately I’ve been loving very minimal makeup looks and I’ve found myself wearing just this with no eyeliner on and its a look I’ve really enjoyed. I’ll definitely be buying the full sized one of this too as I’ve found myself reaching for the mini every day. 

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 

I was a little sceptical about this but I’m happy to say it surprised me. I’m a pain for not remembering to take my makeup off at night and trying to find a good remover that gets rid of everything but doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin is a nightmare. 

This has bee great though, it gets rid of all my makeup quickly and easily; all you have to do it rub it in and then wipe it off with either a cotton pad or a flannel. Scooping it out of a jar when you have long nails is really annoying so if I was to repurchase this I’d definitely get the pump version as it would be so much easier for me to use.

Have you used any Clinique products before? What’s your favourite? 

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