December Goals

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It’s 1st December which means that I can officially have chocolate for breakfast, play Christmas songs, curl up in a thick blanket watching The Grinch and Christmas Carrol and put the decorations up!

I’m a tiny bit excited, can you tell?

December Goals


Lets get straight into seeing if I managed to achieve my November Goals before I make you all sick with my over excited Christmas cheer!

Well I’m going to start off with my main goal that I’m really happy to say I’ve achieved: I’ve booked my driving lessons! I’m so happy that I finally managed to get the guts up and do this, I’m trying not to think about this too much as I’m still liable to have a panic attack if I do but still, I’ve made a start!

I also went swimming…once…I think I might just skip this one…and the next one about getting my blog organised…both of those haven’t really happened…

I Am Sher Locked Mug and Slytherin Bookmark

But the last one “To be happy” has most certainly happened! I’m not going to say too much just yet as its early days technically but I’ve had three dates with an absolutely awesome guy and things seem really promising!

All that preaching about being happily single…yeah thats quickly going out of the window! I won’t say too much more now but I’m sure I’ll let you all know how it’s progressing in a catch up post in the new year!

This is going to have to be a shorter post than I planned as I have a shit ton of uni work to get done before my deadline on the 16th! I’m basically going to be living in my bed, surrounded by takeaway food and coffee cups trying to get 3 huge projects completed- wish me luck!

So if I’m not as active on my blog and social media until then, please bear with me. I’d love nothing more than to do Blogmas but there is just no way in hell I can manage it with everything I’ve got going on in my life right now!

Actually, I Can

So what are my goals for this month?

I’m not actually going to set any! I know that kind of defies the point of this post considering its called December Goals but I want to just enjoy Christmas and everything that is going on in my life right now. I have my family, my best friends (who are all but family to me) and possibly a fella on the horizon- life is pretty damn good right now!

2016 started out horribly, I thought my world was ending and I fell back into a really bad depression.


I’ve had the best birthday month ever and things look like they’re going to continue to get better into 2017. It’s amazing how much can change in just a few short months and I plan on enjoying every second of my life right now.

This kind of ties into my Life Does Get Better post which I would defiantly recommend reading if you’re feeling a bit crap right now, I had such a good response to it!

What goals (if any) do you have for this month?

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