As you may know, I’ve been self-employed since November 2018, and as such there are now parts of this blog which earn me money.

This disclaimer explains all of the different ways I earn money via this site, how you can recognise content which is compensated (either with money or via a gifted product/experience) and how to tell a regular link from an affiliate link.

Sponsored Blog Posts

When I have been paid by a company or brand to create a blog post in collaboration with them, this content will always have ‘AD’ in the title.

There will also be a sentence at the beginning stating that it is a sponsored post, and who it is in collaboration with.

Sponsored Social Media Posts

When I have been paid actual money (rather than gifted) to promote something, I will always mark it with [AD] at the beginning of the caption, tweet, or pin.

I will only ever work with brands I already love and will always give my honest and unbiased opinion on anything I talk about – even if I have been paid to talk about it.

Gifted Items/Experiences/Trips

If I have been gifted a product or experience and decide to organically post about it because I like it, it will always be marked as [AD • Gifted] on social media to comply with ASA regulations. On my blog, I will have a sentence at the beginning on the post to indicate the post contains gifted content, and I will indicate which item(s) I have been gifted throughout the post.

I use “gifted” simply to show the difference between something that I have been paid to promote or review (which would just be AD), and something I have been sent with the hope I will like it and post about it organically.

Own Products

I have a shop where I sell a collection of digital products, and in accordance with the ASA, I will clearly indicate when I’m promoting my own products on my blog or social media.

This will be by using [AD • Own Product] at the beginning of the caption on social media, or by indicating it is my own product when speaking about it in a blog post.

Previous Brand Relationships

The ASA requires you to disclose if you have worked with a brand on previous campaigns within the last year, even if you have bought something with your own money and aren’t working with them currently.

As such, I will indicate any previous brands I have worked with within this timeframe, both on social media and in blog posts.

Affiliate Links

If I use an affiliate link without a blog post, I will indicate it within the first line of the blog post, and again next to the affiliate link itself, so that it isn’t confused with a non-affiliate link and you’ll know if you’re clicking one.

If I use an affiliate link on social media, I will use [AD • Affiliate Link] at the beginning of the caption.

Affiliate links don’t cost you any money to use, and it just means that I’ll get a small fee for referring you. They help me pay my bills and are a great way of supporting your favourite content creators for free!

I’ve tried to cover everything you may need to know, but if you still have any questions on how I make money through my blog or social media site and how it affects you, please feel free to drop me an email or, if email isn’t your thing, you can send me a direct message – @itsjademarie is my handle across all social media!