How To Help Yourself Feel Better When You’re Having A Bad Day

Brown leather armchair with a white cushion on it, and a white cup of tea resting on the arm.

I’m actually writing this post while having a bad day with my mental health. 

Well in all fairness, it’s been a bad week! 

I’m back at university this week, which means my normal work routine has been thrown out of the window. 

I’ve never done well with change, even small things like a train being cancelled or a class being moved can make me anxious and even cause a meltdown. 

It should only take me a few weeks to adapt and find a new routine, but until then I’m going to struggle to get any work done and feel really overwhelmed by everything. 

It’s always good to take some self care time and be kind to yourself at times like this, but there are also some more practical things you can do to help look after yourself when you don’t feel great! 

Brown leather armchair with a white cushion on it, and a white cup of tea resting on the arm.
Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

Eat Something Healthy(…ish) 

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t eat anywhere near as healthy as I should; something I’m trying to change this year. 

When I’m having a bad day, I tend to snack on junk food – which in all honesty just makes me feel worse. 

I have a recipe book by The Hairy Bikers that is full of recipes and ideas, which I’m slowly trying out to see what I like. 

Although between my allergies and IBS, it’s been a struggle to find meals I can actually eat! 

Snacks are a lot easier as I’m a big fan of things like orange peppers, carrots, apple and grapes.

I tend to just cut them all up, put them in a resealable tub and grab some throughout the day. 

Drink Some Water 

Drinking enough water is very important when you’re having a bad day, as its really easy to accidentally dehydrate yourself. 

And as someone who’s been quite badly dehydrated (twice!), it’s not something I want to experience a third time! 

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I have a few different reusable water bottles that I use on a regular basis, which I’ve found really helpful in encouraging me to drink more throughout the day.

I’ve noticed that when I have a drink next to me, I’m more likely to subconsciously drink from it without even thinking about it. 

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like drinking water, then just put some juice in like Ribena or Robinsons in.

Tidy Up 

The easiest way to tell how I’m feeling is to look at my room; if it’s messy and unorganised, you can guarantee I’m having a bad day. 

A latte resting on a wooden table, with a snack and a menu on it
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

A tidy room is something that always helps me feel a bit more organised and put together, so when I’m not in the best frame of mind I try and set aside some time to have a cleanup. 

Usually while blasting out one of my favourite Spotify playlists! 

I’ll start off by dusting, before putting away any clothes that I’ve just dumped on my desk chair. Then I’ll usually have a general tidy up and clear out, getting rid of anything I don’t use/wear and take it up to the charity shop. 


As a general rule, I always take 5/10 minutes in a morning to meditate before getting on with my day. 

As you might know, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I created my own Oracle Deck for my final major project at university last year.

I use it every morning to do a quick reading but for me, it’s more about meditating and reflecting on my day/week/month than anything else. 

So for example, if my card of the day is The Bee, I might reflect on what I’ve been doing recently and realise I’ve been working too hard recently and need to take some time off. 

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It’s a great way to meditate and reflect on how I’m feeling, at the same time as practising my craft.

Be Kind To Yourself

This is probably the most important (and difficult) things you can do. Trying to force yourself to do work normally when you’re having a bad day can actually cause more damage in the long run. 

Accept that you just aren’t feeling it today, take a deep breath and step back from everything. 

Listen to what your body needs and put yourself first. It can be really hard not to feel guilty on days like this.

I know I’m guilty of being one of those people who always has to feel like I’ve achieved something with my day. 

If I’m really having a bad day then I just get into some comfortable clothes, binge watch something on Netflix and nap! 

What do you like to do when you’re having a bad day? 

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  • Lauren Brooker says:

    These are such great tips! I have IBS too and I know how difficuilt it can be to find foods that agree with you. If my space is untidy, it really does affect my mental health and makes me feel so suffocated. I find tidying and organising things very theraputic x

    Lauren |

  • Sarah says:

    This post is so accurate!! Tidying up and meditating are my go to solutions for a bad day. I prefer naps and showers and good books, but that isn’t always an option. I hope your day got better!! I had a terrible mental health day yesterday, today was better thankfully.

  • Katie Yvonne says:

    I love these tips and I tend to do most of these when I’m having a bad day! Your photos in this are absolutely lovely. I hope you have a lovely day

    Katie x

  • azzamap says:

    Hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for sharing your tips. Decluttering always helps me until I become obsessive with it 🙁

  • Rachel says:

    Even on my worst days, I find that I can read and updating my GoodReads progress always makes me feel like I’ve done something productive!

    Rachel ||

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