How I Got Over 1,000 Views On My Blog This Month

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So this month my blog has had nearly 1,500 views; I can’t believe I’ve actually just typed that! Sure it was a goal for this year to increase my views, but I never thought I would actually hit 1.000 in a single month.

I made the move to self hosted back in January and I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve done for my blog. Before I moved over I was averaging on around 160/200 views a month and no matter how much promotion I did, I couldn’t get that number to rise.

Before going self hosted I set myself some goals and spent a good week or so doing some research. I found quite a few articles with a lot of different recommendations and after thinking through what would work best for me and my blog, I came up with a plan.

Wild and Free Oracle Deck • Tarot • Witchcraft

Things started slowly as expected but my views gradually increased for the first two months. Then after three months things really started to pick up; I doubled my monthly views up to 440 in May, they rose again to 670 in June and they’ve continued to rise every month since.

I mean technically only got 3 more views in August than I got in July but I’m still counting it! This month that has skyrocketed even more; I hit 1,000 views half way through the month and I’ve had another 500 since then. I’m wondering if I can manage to get all the way up to 2,000 before the month is out!

All this has been done completely organically by putting in a hell a lot of hard work, time and effort and this is how I’ve done it.


This one has defiantly proved to be a good investment for me; I’ve had over 100 views in one day just from Pinterest alone.

I use Canva to create a graphic specifically for Pinterest that is visual appealing and eye catching. I have one on every blog post and also make sure to keep my graphics constant; this creates brand consistency and help people to know that post is from you.

To help get my pins seen by more people I’ve also joined about 10 active group boards that fit with my blog and I’ve also created a board dedicated to my blog posts. I share my pin to my own board and then from there to all of the relevant group boards I’m part of too.

I also changed over to a business account and signed up for rich pins. While you don’t have to do this I’ve found it really useful; you have access to analytics to see how each pin is performing and the rich pins give a lot more information at a glance than the standard ones.


I’m actually fairly new to StumbleUpon, Elle introduced me to it after I noticed I’d get 50-80 views from here whenever she stumbled one of my posts.

I asked her for a basic overview of how it worked and I’ve been hooked on using it ever since. The way to use this site it to stumble more of other people’s posts thank your own; it won’t work if you stumble just your own work.

The rule of thumb is to stumble about 25-30 posts done by other people for every one of your own. It might sound like a lot but I’ve just got into the habit of stumbling every blog post I read; it quickly adds up and hopefully me doing this helps other bloggers to grow and get more views too.

Wild and Free Oracle Deck • Tarot • Witchcraft

Post Regularly

Okay so this one is a no brained really; if you want people to read your blog you need to post regularly. I don’t mean post every single day, but maybe once a week if you can manage it (although if you have the time and motivation to do blog daily then go for it…and send me whatever magic pixie dust you use to do it!).

This month I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a campaign with a company called TOTM Organic, who asked me to write two posts for them. This combined with things like getting two new piercings and passing my driving test has given me a lot of inspiration for posts this month and this has also helped boost my views.

Featured Posts

This one can be hard to achieve (its mostly dumb luck I’ve found) but it can be seriously helpful so I thought I’d still mention it. This week my Canon EOS M10 review was featured on a Facebook page with over 150,000 likes on it and it resulted in nearly 200 views to that post alone!

While this was just really good luck on my part, I do think having a SEO friendly title helped dramatically in my post being found by them in the first place.

You can encourage this to happen by making sure you tag brands/companies in the tweets and instagram posts. Be careful not to spam their news feed though, as no one likes that.

What’s your top tips for driving traffic to your blog?

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