Behind The Blog: Get To Know Jade Marie | Q&A


Lately I’ve been a bit too busy with uni work and deadlines to actually sit down and write a blog post. I’ve been saying I need to get something up, even if its just a short post but I wasn’t really sure what to write about as all of my planned content is pretty long. Enter the old stand by- a question and answer post!

I’ve never actually done one of these before so I decided to ask on twitter for some questions to answer; queue the cricket noises. I’ve seen people doing these in the past and getting 20+ questions in the first hour. Me? I only had two people ask anything.

I think that twitter must have changed the way they show tweets again as I’ve noticed quite a few people saying that their engagement is really down at the moment. Mine had been growing over the past two months (as had my followers) but now it seems to have dropped to the level I had when I first started blogging!

Luckily Bella was kind enough to send a few through at once (thank you girl you’re a lifesaver!) so I did actually have some content for this post!

Behind The Blog: Get To Know Jade Marie | Q&A

Who would you say motivate and inspire you to blog?

I don’t really have anyone that motivates or inspires me, not in the way this is probably meant. I love blogging and knowing that my posts have actually helped people and that’s my motivation to keep going. But there are some bloggers who’s posts I love reading on a regular basis such Hannah Gale and Vix Meldrew plus YouTubers such as Hello October, ICovetThee and Draw With Jazza.

What are your favourite instagram accounts?

There are so many I could do a whole post on this one question! One of my favourite things to do is to just scroll through insta for hours. Sad I know. Some of my favourites that come to mind are:








What made you start blogging?

I’d wanted to start blogging for about a year before I actually did. I loved reading them and I’ve always wanted to be a writer but as I’ve mentioned a few times before- shit happened. Maybe one day I’ll actually feel like I can talk about it all but considering I know that some people who know me in real life read my blog, thats probably not going to happen. Lets just say the relationship I’m in now is very different to one I had in the past.


Anyway as some of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning might remember, I originally started my blog as part of my final major project at my first uni. I was creating a mental health app (which I ended up getting a distinction for and was picked to be showcased at a local gallery!) and one morning woke up and decided to bite the bullet and sign up for a free WordPress blog. I didn’t really think my posts would be read by anyone or that I’d find myself one and a half years later planning on trying to turn this into my full time job. At the time it was just a way to get some emotions and thought off my chest and to talk about my own experiences- it was almost like my own form of therapy.

Behind The Blog: Get To Know Jade Marie | Q&A

What’s your go-to drink and/or snack from the coffee shop?

Defiantly a caramel latte; I drink way too many of them! Although I’ve been loving the fudge hot chocolate from the Starbucks Christmas range this year, so I’ve been getting as many of those while I can. As for snacks its normally a chocolate muffin or cookie, I have a really sweet tooth like my mum.

What post of yours was your favourite to write?

I think it would have to be my Emetophobia Story. Seems like a big of a strange one to pick but I’ve had so many people message me about it, saying that they’ve found it helpful either because they didn’t know that this was a thing, that they have it and could relate to what I wrote or that they had the same condition but thought that it was just them being “weird”.

The last comment is really important to me as I only realised myself that its a real phobia and has a name because Nicole from abeautifulchaos whole about her own struggles with it. Until that point I thought I was alone and that I was being ridiculous because I was scared of being sick. Reading her post made me realise that I wasn’t alone, what I suffered from had a name and that it is a lot more common than I thought which really helped me come to terms with the phobia.

Knowing that my post has done the same for other people has helped other people in the same way is one of the most rewarding parts of blogging for me.

How do people react when you tell them you blog?

Normally with curiosity really; what do I blog about, how does it work, do I have a lot of readers- that kind of thing. I’m not shy abut telling people what I do and I talk about it regularly so people who know me know its just part of my day to day life. Although I still get exasperated sighs from Chris when we go out and I stop to take pictures of random things “for Instagram”. Good job he loves me!

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What are your thoughts? Let me know!

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