How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Using Pinterest

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Oh Instagram, the app we all love to hate right now! 

Between low engagement on posts, the follow/unfollow game, and of course the algorithm it’s easy to see why so many of us are getting a little fed up with Instagram right now. 

So I thought I’d put together a quick post talking about how you can use Pinterest to increase your followers and boost your engagement. 

Black Ebony Bralette. Camel Jumper. Blue Jeans. Book

Pin your Instagram photos 

This might seem like a really obvious point, but it’s something that so many people forget to do. 

You could create a dedicated board for all of your Instagram photos, which you then fill up with relevant keywords in your description that reflect the kind of content you post to grid. 

However, if you’re like me and your Instagram feed doesn’t really have a set topic, you could just add them to any relive that boards that you already have. 

This is what I currently do, although there’s no reason you couldn’t do both! 

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Also don’t just pin your photos straight from your browser using the “pin it” extension, as that will just pull in your caption text to fill in the title and description. 

Upload your photos manually and write out an appropriate title + description for the photo, making sure to add relevant keywords and hashtags to make it as SEO friendly as possible. 

Create promotional Instagram pins

This works brilliantly for blog posts, and can also work well for Instagram posts too. 

I don’t do this all the time (even though I know I should!) but sometimes I will create a mini blog post in an Instagram caption. I’d seen a few people doing it recently, including the amazing Holly Sutton who is just the queen of Instagram captions. 

Black Ebony Bralette. Camel Jumper. Blue Jeans. Book

On a whim, I decided I would try doing something similar with my own captions, and I noticed that my engagement rate went through the roof!

I started getting a lot more comments than I’m used to and even managed to start some really interesting conversations and debates.

Since I was creating mini blog posts on Instagram, I decided to try creating promotional pins for them the same way I do for my normal blog posts, and it’s actually been working quite well. 

Create complimentary graphics

This is a key part of my Pinterest marketing strategy for getting traffic to my blog, and again its something that can be used to drive traffic to your Instagram account too.

Complimentary graphics could be things like quotes, infographics, lists and pretty much anything else you could think of. 

So for example, if you have an Instagram post talking about self care, you could create a few different graphics around self care and link back to it. 

You could create a list which highlights your main points, and then add a call to action saying click through for even more tips/advice.

Even just a quote about self care with a link back to the post could work well, as quotes are really popular on Pinterest right now. 

Black Ebony Bralette. Camel Jumper. Blue Jeans. Book

Thinking up new ideas can be difficult at first, and in a way, I’m lucky that as a designer I’ve usually got more ideas that I have time to create! 

If you’re really stuck for ideas, have a look at what other people are already doing.

Obviously, don’t just blatantly copy someone else’s content, but looking at what other people are creating can be a great way to spark your own creativity. 

Pinterest is such a fantastic and versatile tool, not just for boosting your Instagram engagement but for your blog, email list, and getting sales for any products you might sell.

It can take some time to get your head around it at first, but it’s really worth investing in as it can be a real game-changers in terms of traffic and sales!

What is your biggest struggle with Instagram right now?

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How To Grow Your Instagram Following Using Pinterest

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  • Simon says:

    Really interesting as don’t currently use Pinterest, will try some of these tips to see if it helps our insta grow, thanks.

  • Ellen says:

    It didn’t occur to me that I could use Pinterest to grow my Instagram! Right now I’ve kind of left Instagram alone, I find it too disheartening.

  • Speaking Bipolar says:

    This is a really informative post. Instagram is probably the platform I struggle with the most. I’ve never thought of pinning from IG but I’m going to give it a try along with the mini blog posts. Thanks!

  • Hi! I’m kirstie from exciting emails FB group 💕Love this, very insightful. I’ve just started getting the hang of Pinterest and it’s already helping with other platforms xx

  • Instagram is definitely the platform I struggle with the most! I live it because I’am a very visual person but no matter what I do I can’t grow past my current follower count and its beyond frustrating! Will have to put some of these tips to use!

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