Dear Diary: Happy Birthday Mum!


So this post is come to you a lot later than usual but it’s my mums birthday today so I think you can forgive me!

I can’t believe it’s her birthday again, seems like only last week she had her last one. It also means that in three months I’ll be celebrating my 23rd birthday!! Oh my gosh I don’t even want to think about that right now- I’m sure I was turning 21 just last month!

Happy Birthday Mum

I just want to say that my mum is a real inspiration to me: she didn’t have the best start to life thanks to her situation at home and she wasn’t able to go to school very often. As such she left with no qualifications. She then got onto a training scheme but wasn’t able to complete that due to loosing my brother in a miscarriage/stillbirth. If that wasn’t enough her mum lost her battle with cancer just a few months later. But she’s come through all this and been a brilliant wife and mother who supports everything I do!

Even though she has no qualifications and had never worked before, she finally got her dream job earlier this year- store manager at the charity shop she’s been volunteering at for years! Not long after this she started having fits and was diagnosed with epilepsy. But even this hasn’t stopped her and she’s handled it brilliantly- a lot better than me and dad have for sure!

Oh yeah don’t mind my dad, he’s a bit special, but this is one of the few photos I have of my parents!

I’ve not really done much this week, most of my plans got cancelled for various reasons so it’s been a quiet one.

However I have done one really big thing this week- I applied for uni! Now as anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I’ve just finished uni so you might be a bit confused as rowdy I’m going back. Long story short I only did a 2 year HND and so still have two more years finance left.

I want a full degree and I also want to learn web and all design, so I’ve applied for a BA Digital Media Production course at Sheffield Hallam! A lot of the units I’ve done over the last two years are compatible with this course (I got a distinction on interactive media design) so I’m hoping this will count towards me getting on the course. Not only would getting in here mean I get to learn the skills I want and give me a better chance of being employed, but I would actual get the real uni experience this time round. With any luck it would help my mental health rather than make it worse!

Now just to play the waiting game and hope that its good news. Not going to lie its actually causing me to have a constant mild panic attack not knowing, so I hope they get back in touch with me sooner rather than later!

Also my best friend Abby has finally started her own Travel & Lifestyle blog! She’s over on forallthatwander.wordpress.com and it would mean a lot if you’d go check it out. We’ve got a lot of plans over the next 6 months so you’ll be seeing me featured on there quite a bit I’m sure! I’ll link her Twitter and Instagram in case you want to follow those too 🙂


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8 responses to “Dear Diary: Happy Birthday Mum!”

  1. Becca says:

    Wow! I love this, the story about your mum is incredibly inspiring X

  2. mymentalhealth says:

    Thank you Hun! She’s an amazing and inspiring woman and I’m proud to say she’s my mum 🙂 x

  3. 1weekmaryx says:

    Happy birthday to your mum, she’s an inspiration to us all & it just goes to show that with hard work and dedication you can do absolutely anything! Good luck for uni, hope everything works out well! Thanks for sharing xxx

  4. mymentalhealth says:

    She says thank you very much! She’s an inspiration to me and I’m glad to know others see her as one too 🙂
    Also thank you, me too!xxx

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