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Okay so as anyone who knows me is aware- I am just a tiny bit obsessed with Harry Potter! I have been for as long as I can remember. I remember reading the first book when I was 4 years old and picking my House from the original sorting hat song before I really knew much about the Houses.

I’ve been a Slytherin ever since!

Yeah, yeah I know I’ll end up getting some House hate for that but I really don’t care, just remember Tonk’s mum was a Slytherin before people start calling us all bad.

When I saw Sopherina’s  post I knew that I just had to join in!

Harry Blogger Tag

Harry Blogger Tag

So here we go, this is my Harry Potter Tag:

1. Who is your favourite character?

Hagrid. I don’t even have to think about this one. He is such a kind and lovely person and in my opinion the best father figure that Harry had. When he first meets Harry he took the time to give Harry food, his first ever birthday cake and tell him how much he looked like his parents before doing anything else. He also reminds me of my grandad in some ways so that makes me love him even more.

2. Which is your favourite book?

I think I’d have to go with The Goblet of Fire. I love it for probably a bit of a strange reason; yes I love the drama when Voldemort comes back and the suspense of the tasks but the reason I love this book so much is for what it taught me. The media cannot be trusted. Rita was a great example of what the news and social media actually does, they never tell you the whole story- just the bits they want you to know! It taught me at a very young age never to trust everything you read and it something that has stuck with me all my life.

3. Which is your least favourite book?

Order of the Phoenix. I know loads of people like this book but I can’t stand it- it just feels like a drag to read. The only parts I like are the ones when Fred and George are causing havoc and the mayhem that their exit causes! Umbrage reminds me of a teacher at primary school that everyone hated and Sirius…well I can’t even talk about that one…

4. Which character is most like you?

Oh gosh this one is a hard one! I don’t think I really connected with any of the characters as strange as that sounds, I never had a one that I would say “that is so me!”. I guess maybe Luna because she’s very different and got bullied because of it.

I have “suspected” Aspergers (I’ll be so glad when I finally get my assessment and no longer have to put that word!) and especially when I was younger, it made me noticeably different and I got badly bullied for it.

I also love Hermione though because she is really opinionated about her beliefs and loves to learn/read! I am such a bookworm and was at the top of my classes at school so I guess I’d have to merge two here and say Luna/Hermione!

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5. If you could spend a day as a witch in Hogwarts, what would you do?

Okay first things first- FEAST! Then I’d be off to play some Quidditch (on a Firebolt ofc). After that I would need to get washed and would of course be using the prefects bathroom- I’m dying to try out some of those taps! I think I’m strange here because I’d love to go to all of the lessons and learn as much about magic as I could, even History of Magic. Then I’d finish off by going to Hogsmeade, buying my bodyweight in sweets from Honeydukes and finish off with a Firewiskey in the Three Broomsticks (I’m 22 so legally allowed!)

6. What is your favourite spell?

Defiantly the Patronus Charm! As someone who has depression this is a charm that resonates with me so much.

7. Is there anything you would change about the plot?

Fred, Tonks and Remus dying- that broke me! I don’t care why they had to die and what it represents, that was heartbreaking to read!

8. Where were you when you started reading The Philosophers Stone for the first time?

At home, reading before bed…I think…I was 4 and my mum isn’t here at the moment to ask so I’m not 100% sure!

9. Cho was Harry’s first kiss, who would your first kiss be at Hogwarts?

I’d have to go for Fred, I never can resits a troublemaker! Don’t know why I like Fred over George, I have done from reading the first book for some reason.

10. Finally, is there anyone in reality you’d love to cast a slug puking spell on?

I’m not a particularly vindictive person normally but if I happened to walk past my ex, my wand might just slip…


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  1. Anika

    August 16, 2016 at 10:23 am

    What about Dobby dying too 😢

  2. Jade Marie

    August 16, 2016 at 10:25 am

    Dobby was sad I’ll give it, so was hedwig but those three were the one that I actually cried over 😭

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