How Blogging Has Changed My Life: #WorldMentalHealthDay


I started my blog in June last year as part of a mental health project I was doing at university. For it I was creating a prototype of a mental health app, which I hope to actually make one day- when I get my butt in gear and stop being so scared!

I’d always wanted to be a writer/journalist but things didn’t work out as planned thanks to an arseholes and medication. However when I was creating my FMP (final major project) I decided I would finally take the plunge and give blogging a go for myself- and I’m so glad I did!

The name mymentalhealth was taken from the name of my app and this is the only place I have a slight regret. When I eventually switch over to self hosted I plan on rebranding as myself (JadeMarie) as I feel that blogging is very real and very personal and that should be reflected in the name. Or I may just stay as mymentalhealth. Who knows!

How Blogging Has Changed My Life #WorldMentalHealthDay

Now like the title suggests, blogging has changed my life in ways I never would have expected. It’s given me access to the blogging community and they are such a lovely bunch of people! They’re so kind and supportive and for a woman who spent her entire time in education getting physically and verbally bullied it was a bit of a shock to say the least! I had to constantly remind myself they weren’t being sarcastic, they actually meant what they said…emoticon are a lifesaver!

Bloody hell im showing my age here! Only us old MSNers call them emoticons! They’re emojis now…right?

Anyway back on point Jade.

I’ve also discovered the mental health community on twitter and this was another game changer. After reading all the tweets about peoples struggles with their own mental health I started to realise: it’s okay. It’s okay to have MH! It’s okay to struggle and fight with it every single fucking day! It’s okay to lose that battle from time to time and have days where all you do is hide under the duvet watching Disney films and eating your body weight in chocolate!
Once I started to accept and even embrace this fact, I noticed myself changing. I was comfortable with my MH. I was comfortable talking about it, both on social media and on this blog. I wrote some very personal posts and have some more planned for the near future and the response has been mind-blowing!

People commenting saying I was so brace to talk about my experiences and that what I’d written had helped or inspired them! Little old me; a girl from a little village no one has heard of, granddaughter of a pit miner, had managed to reach and help people from all over the world! It sounds corny as hell but it gives me a little glow in my stomach every time I think about it.

Photo 18-07-2016, 11 00 25

Being a blogger isn’t this easy thing that everyone seems to think; it’s like having a full-time job! However it’s so worth it when you know you are doing some good and helping people. I don’t get a ton of freebies, sponsors or opportunities- as of now I’ve had a grand total of zero. Zilch. However that isn’t my goal. I mean of course I’d love to be able to earn some money blogging and maybe even turn it into a full-time business, but that takes time and consistency, it’s not an overnight job.

Right now my focus is on ending the stigma around mental health.

It’s not something to be ashamed of. 1 in 4 people these days have some kind of mental health condition! Stand tall, be proud of how far you’ve come & what you’ve achieved and never let anyone dull the sparkle that is the unique brilliance you bring to this world!

I just wanted to include the links to a few of my favourite mental health posts incase you’re new here or there’s a certain topic you want to read about:

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