Introducing: FreeYourMind


I actually won something!!

Okay it might not seem like a big deal but I never actually win anything so this is something to shout about for me! And it all came about slightly by accident.

I don’t usually watch This Morning unless theres a piece that I’m interested in but this particular day a month or so ago, I was just too busy with coursework to change the channel. A lot of the time I have the tv on as background noise (normally BBC News or something like that) and don’t pay it any attention. This is basically what happened this day; I’d been half paying attention to Jeremy Kyle (because who doesn’t love a bit of scandal in the morning) but I’d then become so engrossed in my work that I completely forgot about it and when I next noticed, This Morning was on.  Normally I’d turn it over to something different but for some reason this time I just left it- and I’m so glad I did!

Introducing: FreeYourMind

I heard the word “anxiety” mentioned and started to pay attention to what was being said, and this is where I was introduced to Natasha Benjamin and the charity FreeYourMind. I’ve been trying to find a video of her interview on YouTube but I’ve not been able to find one so instead I’ll like the About Me part of the website HERE so you can read more about them if you want to. I really loved what she was doing and decided to follow both her and FreeYourMind on Twitter. Not long afterwards I saw a competition on their page; all you had to do was post a specific picture and tag them in it, then a winner would be picked. I thought what the hell and decided to go for it, never expecting to be chosen.

I actually posted it twice, saying that it wouldn’t hurt my chances and while I don’t know if this is the reason why I was picked I’m saying that it defiantly didn’t hurt!

So what did I get?

Well as you can see from the first picture I got a lovely note from Natasha herself and a few little goodies from their online store. I’ll link each item in case you want to actually buy them yourself but i’ll say now that the links aren’t affiliated or this post sponsored, I just love what they do and wanted to blog about them!

Photo 18-07-2016, 11 00 25

Free Your Mind Necklaces

This comes in two colours -Gold and Silver- and I was lucky enough to be sent the silver one which is the one I would buy out of the two. While I love Rose gold, I’m not a fan of Gold and almost everything I wear is silver (or looks like silver anyway). I have worn this constantly since getting it, I’ve not even being wearing my chocker which was never off my neck at one point! It’s really delicate and subtle and I love how I looks with the rest of my jewellery.

Photo 18-07-2016, 11 01 37

Free Your Mind Bands

I have TONS of bands (I don’t even think I could fit them all onto my arm anymore) and I’m happy to add this one to the collection! I love how colourful it is and, being white, it stands out compared to all my others (I tend to like dark things). My mums already tired to steal this from me as she loves bands too so I think I may need to buy another one as I can bet this will “go missing” pretty soon!

Photo 18-07-2016, 11 05 22

Free Your Mind Tote Bag

Finally; my new best friend! I have to go pick up all my university work today (well, the day this post goes live anyway) and this tote bag is going to be a lifesaver! I already had one from kimmykeepreal but its a fair bit smaller than this one. While I think that I’ll take both with me just in case, this one will defiantly fit a lot more in it and I should be able to clear out my studio easily!

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