My Plans For Jade Marie Moving Into 2020

Jade Marie and her two tutors taking a selfie after her final Masters Dissertation Viva

Hi, hello, remember me? 

Yes I know it’s been a while since my last post. I think in the past few months I’ve only managed to get three new posts up, and I’m sorry about that. 

I could blame it on my master’s degree, and while working on my dissertation has taken up a ton of my time and brain space, but the truth is also that I kind of fell out of love with my blog. 


And what a surprise, it was for the same reason that this happened the last time: I decided to niche my content. 

You’d think I’d have learnt my lesson the first time!

Jade Marie and her two tutors taking a selfie after her final Masters Dissertation Viva

When I went self-employed at the end of last year, I planned on making this blog my full-time business, and to do that everyone told me I would need to niche my blog, so that’s what I did. 

I stopped writing about a lot of different lifestyle topics that I’d covered in the past and focused just on mental health and autism awareness, with a regular dose of self care thrown in too. 

The thing is, I quickly realised this wasn’t actually what I wanted to do! 

I started this blog because I wanted to write about the things I’m passionate about, and feeling like I was being forced to only write about certain things (even though it was me putting this pressure on myself) drained all the feelings of fun and love that I had for writing. 

So going into 2020 I’m shaking things up a little. 

P.S Yes it’s a little early to be posting about 2020 as we’re only halfway through September, but “My Plans For Jade Marie In The Final Quarter Of 2019 And Beyond” seemed a bit wordy and not quite as snappy to me. 

Plus if I write this now, I’ll have something to look back on when I’m making my plans for 2020, and I’ll also be holding myself accountable to the intentions I’ve set! 

No more forced niche

I’ve tried to do it twice, and the simple fact is that having a set niche is not for me. 

Of course, the majority of my posts will still be mental health or autism based, as those are the two main topics that I’m passionate about, but you might also start to see posts that aren’t necessarily on those topics. 

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Charity shop hauls. Guides to being more eco-friendly. Book reviews + hauls. Photobooks of days out, including recommendations of places to visit and eat. 

I want to start writing about things I’m interested in again, without the anxiety of “but that’s not in your niche” hanging around my neck. 

Jade Marie talking to her tutor after her Masters Viva had finished

Turning Jade Marie back into a hobby? 

As those of you who watch my IG stories might know, my master’s dissertation was all about my own business and my plans for it in the future. 

It was while I was writing this I realised as much as I love my blog, I’m not great at making money from it. 

My anxiety and communication difficulties make pitching next to impossible for me.

The last time I tried I ended up having a meltdown so bad that I was unable to function for the rest of the day, and just ended up sleeping for most of it. 

I’m in the process of setting up a graphic design business, and even though it hasn’t officially launched yet, I’ve had some lovely clients already; with two more booked in for next year. 

But when I was creating a revenue table for my dissertation, I actually realised that just one of those design projects made me more money than my blog had for the whole of this year! 

Since I have bills to pay and a deposit to save for, I’m going to be focusing more of my time and energy into my design business. 

I’m definitely not getting rid of my blog, but I am essentially de-monetising it and keeping it as a passion project, rather than trying to turn it into a business (for now at least).

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That’s not to say that if a brand I love reaches out to me and wants to work with me I’ll turn them down. I’ll probably still have some sponsored content featured on here from time to time, but that won’t be my main focus. 

I’m also hoping that with the pressure of having this as my business lifted, I’ll feel more inspired to write content and be able to enjoy having this space again like I did when I first started out. 

Shorter posts

I seem to have accidentally fallen into the mindset that every post I write needs to be deep, in-depth and at least 2,000 words long. 

Which isn’t true at all! 

Some of my most popular posts have been short little list posts that are quick and easy to read, and those are the kinds of posts I’ve personally found myself reading more of lately.

So I want to start creating more short-form content myself. 

Bridlington Beach

Like I mentioned previously, it could be a quick charity shop haul that I write up on the train home. Or even a photo-heavy post that has very little text from me, covering a day trip and just including where I visited, ate and any reccomendations I might have. 

I may even start doing roundup posts again, although they definitely won’t be every month like I used to before! 

I’ve also had an idea for a new series of posts called #AskAnAutistic, where you can ask a question about autism and I’ll write up my response as a post. 

These could be literally anything from a general question about autism to a more personal one about my own thoughts and experiences. 

I already have a few questions from some friends I’ve previously mentioned this to, so you might start to see those pop up over the next few weeks! 

Ditch the schedule

I know people say you should be consistent with your content, but having a set schedule just doesn’t work for me. 

Plus it’s yet another thing that was draining the fun away from writing. 

I’m still planning on uploading regularly, but it won’t be a case of “every Tuesday at exactly 10am” like I’ve tried to do in the past. 

I want to get at least one post out a week when I can, but I’m not going to beat myself up anymore if I miss a week or two.

Life gets in the way and even when you batch write content weeks in advice, sometimes things just don’t go to plan and you can do things on the day you originally intended.

Chair spinner ride and a big wheel in Bridlington

So that’s it.

Nothing major or groundbreaking, just taking things back to basics and trying to find my love of writing again. 

One of the best things about blogging is that there are no rules, and that’s something I really need to remember going forward.

I really hope you’ll stick around and carry on reading my rambling, spelling mistake covered content – but I completely understand if you feel this isn’t quite what you’re after anymore. 

I’m not the person I was even a year ago, let alone when I first started this blog, so I think it’s only fitting that my content changes to reflect that. 

Here’s to moving forward into 2020 with more self-love, passion and confidence; not just for my content but in myself as well. 

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My Plans For Jade Marie Moving Into 2020

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  • Victoria Austin says:

    I resonate with this post so much, schedules, niches, they’re absolutely not me either! I mean this month I tried putting a blog post schedule in my journal but I’ve ended up listing the blog post on it after I’ve posted it which totally defeats the object! I much prefer reading shorter posts on blogs too. x

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like them! You hear from so many people how you need them, and no matter how hard I try I just can’t get them to work for me. I did exactly the same when I tried having a schedule too 😂 x

  • This is exactly how I feel. I have my main ‘content pillars’ but still keep a lifestyle category for when I want to write something random! You do what is right for you. Excited to see what your future holds and your graphic design business sounds awesome! X

    Megan |

  • Jade Marie says:

    Thanks Megan! ☺️ I’ll definitely be keeping my pillar content, but I want to be able to create other content if and when I feel like it!x

  • Lauren Brooker says:

    I can relate to this so so so much! I think there is a lot of pressure to have be a one niche kind of blog but I just find it so restrictive. I just love writing about things I’m interested and passionate about or what’s going on in my life which of course is forever changing. And that’s what I love about having a blog! The creative freedom it provides. I’m trying to get back to that xx

    Lauren |

  • Chocoviv says:

    Welcome back to the freelancer world! I found you on Pinterest and followed to your blog! I am all about lifestyle blogging so no niche either!
    I enjoy writing whatever and whenever I want… I believe my subscribers enjoy it better as since starting in June, my subscribers have increased to over 800 peeps!!

  • It’s so tough when you get caught in a niche! I just say, if I like it, it goes on the blog!! Best of luck 🙂

    Squibb Vicious

  • Gosh I really feel you on the niching down part – ever since I started niching I’ve found myself becoming more stressed and holding myself back from posting posts I really want to post because they won’t be as well received or the fact they’re not in my niche. And yay for being a graphic designer! I’m a GD too although I’ve never done freelance before, so I wish you all the best in that <3

  • Helen says:

    Love that you are going to do what you want to do. Blogging should be fun 🙂 I’m the same with the epic essay style blog posts that you put your heart and soul into. But sometimes it’s just not feasible to keep it up.

    Best of luck for the future,
    Helen xo

  • I love how honest this post is. I’m trying to niche down my blog at the moment but it’s making me feel so unsure of everything. Sometimes it’s fun to just write about whatever pops into your mind, that’s what makes it more of a hobby! Good luck with your design business 🙂

  • It’s so nice to have you back and to see someone being SO open and honest about their content. I also can’t give my blog a niche as I find it way too restrictive – maybe it’s not the “proper” way to do things but it’s way more fun and it works for me!
    You just keep doing you, and I’m sure we will all keep loving it!

    Abi |

  • Jade Marie says:

    Thank you so much Abi 🙂 It’s great to be back, I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it! If it works for us I don’t see why we should force ourselves into niches we don’t want to have – plenty of “big” bloggers don’t have a set niche, and they do perfectly fine 🙂

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