July Goals

I can’t believe that it’s the first of July today, where on earth has this year gone?! I’m now closer to 23 than I am to 22!

Since I started my blog in he middle of June I decided that I would wait until now to write a goals post, I think they’re a lot better if you do them at the beginning of the month so you know what you need to be concentrating on.

I love reading these kind of posts as not only does it get me motivated for the new month ahead but they can also give me ideas of things I should be working on in my own life (and to be fair I’m just plain nosey too).

July Goals

So here we go, my goals for the coming month:

  • Finish university with an overall distinction.

Well this month is my final month at uni! Two years have flown by and I’m going to be really sad to leave. My end of year show is over (click here if you want to see how it went) and we’re on the last push to get Final Major Projects finished and handed in on time. I want to leave with the highest mark I possibly can so I’m aiming for a distinction, will I get it? I’m honestly not sure. I got all merits in my first year and (hopefully) I should get at least two distinctions this year so maybe the points will add up enough to give me an overall distinction. I won’t lie, if I don’t get the mark I want I’m going to be pretty disappointed but after the year we’ve had I’m lucky to be even finishing!

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  • Start eating properly again.

I’ve had a bit of a relapse this month, I’ve fallen back into not eating (I’m a recovering anorexic in case I haven’t mentioned it before). It’s making me irritable and effecting my concentration but if I force myself to eat when I’m not hungry it makes me feel sick, bit of a catch 22. I’m hoping I can use a few of my old tricks to keep myself eating like having little healthy snacks throughout the day: something is better than nothing right?

  • Loose weight.

This kind of ties into the previous one. When I first started getting better and began eating again I slapped a whole load of weight on very quickly. Not only has this given me a hell of a lot of stretch marks but it’s also made it so almost none of my clothes fit me anymore. While these things aren’t really anything serious, it’s making me feel really crap about myself and I think this is partly the reason I’ve slipped back into my old habits. The problem is I can’t afford the gym as its ridiculously expensive and I don’t have any money coming in at all right now and I find it hard to exercise at home due to my asthma….I’ll figure something out!


  • Get a plan together for my app.

For my final major project and university I designed an app and created a semi working prototype. Unfortunately I can’t share too much with you yet as I don’t have the necessary copywriting protection in place but here’s a sneaky look at the mockup for my login page! I plan on getting my butt in gear once I finish uni and have the time to really sit down, work out a way to get funding to get it created by a professional company and also where I want to go with it after it is created. It’s a lot to think about in a short space of time and it was stressing me out trying to balance two big projects at once; so I took it off the table and told myself I wouldn’t do anything with it until after the 15th. I can’t wait to get back to it and start making my dream a reality! 

  • Socialise more.

I always say I’m going to socialise more but then something comes up: I priorities uni work, friends are working or too busy to meet or I completely forget to arrange something (yes I am that friend, good job people don’t take it personally!) So this month I’m taking my own advice that I wrote in the post and challenging myself to make plan and actually keep them for once. Im doing a lot of travelling soon so I want to get myself used to the idea of being out of the house and out in public so I don’t have a meltdown the second I hit London (I’m actually really worried this will happen).

  • Start volunteering regularly again.

I’ve been volunteering at B.A.R.C (Barnsley animal rescue) on and off for nearly 4 years now with my partners and earlier this year my mum was finally offered the position of manager of the shop! This was her first ever job: she left school with no qualifications and had me not too long afterwards so she’s been a housewife and a mother for most of her life. It’s been great so see how much confidence she’s gained since getting this job, I’m so proud of her and what she’s managed to achieve from a pretty shit start to life. Now she is the ,amateur I can pop up and volunteer whenever I like and for however long I can fit in to my day. My goal is to start going up as often as I can; not only does it get me out of the house (I can go weeks without stepping outside of i don’t have a reason, which really isn’t healthy) but since it’s an animal shop, dogs are allowed in!! Literally I get to spend my day petting dogs! What other excuse do I need?!

So that’s it, my July goals. I really hope I’ll be able to achieve them all but if not, oh well there’s always next month. It’s good to make goals and try to achieve them but if you can’t, don’t beat yourself up over it. Be kind to yourself and reflect on why you haven’t been able to achieve them- it will help you next time!

What are your goals for July? 

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