My Brow Journey & Benefit Ka-Brow Review

Benefit Ka-Brow

It’s so embarrassing to admit but it was only last year that I discovered the importance of brows.

When I was growing up it was the fashion to have brows as thin as possible and if you still had your natural brow (like I did) you were bullied really badly for it. I’m sure my fellow 90’s ladies know exactly what I’m talking about!

In the end I caved in and got my auntie to pluck them off so I just had a super thin line and I just kept them that way until 2015.

Now in my defence I’ve never been much of a girly girl; I wasn’t interested in make up until I was about 15, even then only wearing it to stop getting bullied, so to me what my eyebrows looked like didn’t make a blind bit of difference to me and I didn’t get all the fuss about them…these days I won’t leave the house without them being perfect.

Oh how times change.

It all started out at the Meadowhall Student Night. My friend Sonia dragged me into Debenhams and from there to the Benefit counter to see what their offers were.

I wasn’t really interested at first, I was still having a lot of trouble in social situations so I was trying to hide and make sure no one noticed.

Luckily for me it didn’t work.


I feel really bad that I don’t remember the lady’s name who started talking to me, I just remember she had long silver hair, awesome makeup and was covered in tattoos!

She asked if there was anything she could teach me makeup wise and I just laughed and joked make me look pretty. I expected she’d just laugh with me but she looked at me very seriously for a few seconds and said that while I was already pretty I would look gorgeous with natural brows, as they would frame my face so much better, as asked if she could show me how to draw them on.

You can kind of see in the above photo what they looked like before.

Benefit Ka-Brow

I’ll admit I was nervous at first, I thought I would look so stupid but I thought what the hell, I can always wipe them off later and decided to let her do them.

Oh my days I can’t explain the change- I looked sooo much better!

I knew from that day I could never go back to having pencil brows. She gave me some tips on growing my brows out, warned me it would take years because I’d over plucked them for so long but promised that it would be worth it in the long run.

She said that I could get them waxed and shaped at Benefit themselves but unfortunately my skin is so sensitive that I can’t use wax. Luckily for me a friend recommended threading and that’s perfect!

I couldn’t afford the Brow Zings kit that she used on me at the time so opted for a cheap NYX powder kit that did an okay job but didn’t really last all day or match my hair colour properly.

Then a few weeks ago I saw that Ka-Brow was on offer and knew I had to try it…now I don’t know how I ever coped without it!

I went for the shade 03 as I have light brown hair and this matches me perfectly. The brush that comes in the lid is amazing, I’m really impressed with the quality of it. Usually the brushes that come with things are really very good but this is one time I will say that the brush is better than the one I normally use.

Benefit Ka-Brow

You can either use the brush as it is or attach the brush to the lid, to make it longer and give you something more to grip onto. Personally I actually find it harder to use doing this but everyone is different so just do what works for you.

I decided to give this product a good test so I got a shower and went to sleep without taking the product off!

I can hear the gasps now but I wanted to see just how long lasting it really is and I have to say I was amazed!

They stayed on perfectly during and after the shower, they didn’t run at all. I will point out that I pat my face dry rather than scrubbing it, but I doubt anything short of tattooed eyebrows would stay on if you actively tried to scrub them off with a towel.

I’m a really messy sleeper so this would be the biggest test of all. I toss, turn and sprawl all night long so I expected that it would rub off all over my pillow and ruin one of my favourite sets of bedding.


Don’t get me wrong it didn’t stay perfect, but it was only the inner bit nearest my nose that had started to rub off and I get really greasy there so it was to be expected. The rest of  the product had stayed in place! If I really needed to I could easily just take 30 seconds, top that little section up and walk out of the house to uni…not that I’m encouraging you to do that but you know, if needs must…


If you’re looking for an all-purpose brow product that stays on all day then look no further!

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