Why We’ve Chosen Not To Celebrate Valentines Day This Year

Why We’ve Chosen Not To Celebrate Valentines Day This Year

This is mine and Chris’s second Valentines Day together and while we got each other cards and presents last year, it was more because we felt like we had to, rather than because we particularly wanted to. It’s forced on you so much and you’re made to feel like a bad person if you don’t take part. Although we did it in our own special way; instead of getting me flowers, he got me a cactus.

We named him Fluffy and he lasted a good 6 months before I managed to kill him. Considering the only time my mum tried to look after one it only lasted 3 weeks, I think I did pretty well!

Why We’ve Chosen Not To Celebrate Valentines Day This Year
Meet Fluffy the Cactus!

Anyway, this year we decided to ditch it. No cards, no presents. We aren’t even seeing each other.

Although that last one is mostly because I’m stuck in uni until 6pm than through choice. I’d much rather be curled up in bed with Chris and a glass of wine watching Netflix all night, but what can you do.

We just don’t see the point in it as we buy each other things year round; Chris is always treating my to a meal, a new book or a bar of chocolate.

Yes I’m a spoilt bitch.

At the end of the day Chris summed it up perfectly; “why would I want to spend just one day showing my love, when I can do it all year round?

Why We’ve Chosen Not To Celebrate Valentines Day This Year

So instead of buying each other stupidly expensive gifts that we don’t really need, we’re going to take what we call “me days”. They’re basically just days where we have time apart to do whatever it is we feel like, without feeling guilty if we don’t text each other.

Personally I think its a great way to keep your own individuality and space while you’re in a relationship. I love Chris to pieces but as an introvert, there are times where I just want my own space to do my own thing.

Luckily Chris is exactly the same so he doesn’t mind; normally we end up wanting them at about the same time so it works out pretty well.

While we aren’t planning on doing anything on V-Day itself; we are planning on going to the cinema at the weekend for our weekly date night. We’re ridiculously hyped for Black Panther right now!!

Why We’ve Chosen Not To Celebrate Valentines Day This Year

Now I’m not bashing the day as I know some people love it, but its one of those things that I think is personal preference. We might decide to celebrate it in years to come, we might not.

But the important thing is that its personal choice.

I wrote a post at Christmas that is just as fitting here; we shouldn’t have a go at other people for how they choose to celebrate certain events- or not as the case may be! We need to be mindful of other people out there who might find the day difficult; those who have lost the ones they love or who are away serving in the military for example.

Celebrate however you like, but don’t be pushy towards those who choose not to.

We don’t need just one day to show the person we love how we feel; we should do it every single day. Especially as we don’t know which one could be our last.

And on that deep note, I’m off to take advantage of all the chocolate on sale right now!

Do you celebrate V-Day? Or are you like us and just think its overrated?

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  • hudapervez says:

    That’s such a great idea! I was never in to celebrating Valentine’s Day either although seeing other kind of pressured me to take part in it too, but it’s definitely about personal preference and I understand that now! 💗
    Hope you have great weekend btw! xx

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m glad you’ve managed to get to a point where you don’t feel pressured anymore ☺️ even now I feel like I have to celebrate it, but I’m ignoring the anxiety and just doing what makes us happy ☺️

    And thank you so much! Hope you do too 🖤 xx

  • missmagick says:

    I’ve always just viewed it as a cute little day in the year to be like hey, just a reminder that I love you (even though I show this throughout the year anyway). I’ve never felt pressured to make grand gestures or spend lots of money though so maybe thats why. Even if its just a card or simply saying Happy Valentines Day with a wee smooch, I just like that there’s a specific cute little day in the year to celebrate love and couples 😊❤

  • Jade Marie says:

    Aww it’s lovely that you see it that way! ☺️💛 like I said I’ve nothing against the day as such, I just feel likes it’s pushed on you and I hate feeling pressured into doing things 😂 hope you have a wonderful V-Day tomorrow then! ☺️

  • missmagick says:

    Sorry I just realised my comment may have came across as antagonising! 😣 I totally get why people aren’t into it, it is a massive comercial day that is definitely pushed on everyone. Thank you, though it will be a largely normal day! Again, I think I’m so chill about the day because I’m lucky enough not to feel pressured with it anymore 😊

  • heather says:

    I love all holidays 🙂 But I also like the choice and freedom to celebrate them how I want to. This year Valentines snuck up on me so I have no plans, but I don’t really associate Valentines with lovey dovey couples stuff. I always just stuck with the fun and sweets from Elementary School days, ha. So I wear pink and get my friends cute little gifts.

  • Jade Marie says:

    No not at all hun! ☺️ I’m sorry if my answer didn’t come across properly (it’s so hard to convey tone over text! 😬), I think it’s great that you enjoy the day ☺️ it’ll definitely be a normal day for me as I’m stuck in uni until late 😩😂

  • Jade Marie says:

    Haha it was hell for me at school, bullying gets 10x worse on days like this as they can laugh at how “unloveable” you are 🙃 but that’s so cute, I never thought about getting friends gifts! Might have to do that next year ☺️

  • missmagick says:

    Oh good! Yeah, I’m terrible with taking ages to write a comment worrying about sounding bad but always worrying afterwards anyway! 😅 I hope the day goes quickly for you 😊

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m just as bad! 😅 its why I don’t comment a lot, even when I really want to 🙃 and thank you I hope so too!

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