November Goals

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition

November has finally arrived!

Not only is this my birthday month but I have so many amazing things planned I honestly can’t wait!

I’m finally going to see Billy Connelly live, off to my third Walking on Cars gig this year, going for a real night out on my birthday and seeing the huge fireworks display at my local pub…plus whatever else we decide to do on top of that! We’ve been talking about a day trip to York at some point which I really hope we can set up, I’ve not been since I was very little and I hardly remember it there.

November Goals

So what were my goals for last month?

Number one was to keep volunteering and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to do this, maybe not as much as I would like but still I’ve been able to get up at least once a week and its really helping with my mood and social anxiety!

Not only that but I get to spend the day with my parents and you can guarantee that it will be a laugh: dad trying on all the things that come in…plus you get some very unusual donations at times…we couldn’t breath for laughing when we had this donated yesterday!

Learning to drive was my next goal, however I did put it in tentatively as I didn’t know if I would be able to afford it. As of yet I haven’t started lessons yet as I’ve been a bit too busy and stressed to get around to doing it. I can technically afford the lessons, I just hate the thought of using so much of my “just in case” money on lessons when I won’t be able to afford a car and most certainly insurance any time soon!

Have more me time is a goal I’ve managed at achieve though. Skyrim came out for Xbox One this month and I’ve discovered a ton of new shows to curl up in bed with a cuppa and watch! Westworlds and Poldark have taken over my life! This is something I have loved being able to do, I’ve even been able to shake some of the guilt I usually feel when I’m not working 24/7 which has been great, its meant I’ve actually been able to properly relax!

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition

My last goal was to be me and love myself more. This one is going to be an ongoing goal as its going to take a long time to fully achieve this. However I’m happy to say I’m feeling more like the real me every day and I think I’m making some headway into loving myself the way I am. This is helped loads by an amazing woman called Sara Mills (also known as saraontheinternet). I won’t go into too much detail here as I plan on writing a separate post on this but she has done wonders to help me love the body I have- small boobs and all!

My goals for this month are going to be to:

Be more organised with my blog! I talked about struggling to balance uni and blogging (plus lots of other things) in this post here last week. I’m hoping that this month I’m going to be able to get myself more organised and not leave everything to the last minute…or miss planned posts full stop!

Go swimming each week. This is something myself and Liz are going to be trialling this month as we both want to loose weight and tone up. Plus I actually can’t swim properly (just enough to keep myself afloat and move forward very slowly), so I think its about time I learnt!

Start driving lessons? Okay so I know I put this last month and I’ve been saying I’m going to learn since I was 17 but I really think its about time I bite the bullet and just do it! Having to rely on the one train an hour that stops in my village is getting really annoying now…

Be Happy. This is one I can’t really explain what I mean by, but I know what I mean. Stop getting myself down over things I can’t change and in all honesty things I deserve better than. Time to enjoy my life, actually live it rather than just survive and spend all my time wondering “what if”?

So those are my goals for the coming month- what are yours?

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  • Natalie Briscoe says:

    Your blogs are great Jade! Really lovely to see how well you’re getting on, always have a nosey when you post the link on instagram! Good luck with all the uni work 🙂 xx

  • Jade Marie says:

    Thank you Natalie! 😊 it’s strange to think people who know my in real life read my blog 🙈 and thank you very much- going to need it!xxx

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