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"Accept that you just aren’t feeling it today, take a deep breath and step back from everything. Listen to what your body needs and put yourself first"

Eating Disorder

4 Things You Might Not Know About Eating Disorders

If there had been more information and awareness on eating…

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Dear Diary: I Finally Got My Tattoo Covered Up! 

Last week I put a poll on Twitter and asked…

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Mental Health

Why Toxic Friendships Are Bad For Your Mental Health

So I’m a little behind with this post as most…

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Alys George Giveaway Unboxing

Okay so this is a post I didn’t expect to…

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Dear Diary: Welcome To London

Welcome to London.  This is the phrase ForAllThatWander & I have been…

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Beauty + Skincare

Boots Haul & Real Techniques First Impressions 

Okay so I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve never…

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Dear Diary: I’m Going To University 

So as some of you who have been reading my…

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How To Sell On eBay When You Have Anxiety

My biggest anxiety is over sending the item(s). Listing them…

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Sex + Relationships

What I’ve Learnt From Being On Tinder

Now Tinder is something I swore I would never use.…

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m a twenty-five-year-old digital media graduate with a passion for writing and a desire to change the way we view mental health and autism. I’ve owned jademarie.co.uk for nearly two years now, and its slowly changed from a place where I would brain dump whatever was going through my head that day, into a place where people can come for help, advice and hopefully a bit of a laugh. I do occasionally come out with a witty sentence or two. Mostly by accident.