What’s In My Period Survival Kit #TalkingPeriods


While periods are a natural part of life, they can be pretty shit at times. Cramps from hell, mood swings, breakouts and low mood can all result in you dreading your period tuning up. Although the alternative isn’t exactly appealing to me either!

I’m like a Sim a lot of the time- if I want to cheer myself up, I treat myself to something new or something I love. It can literally be something as small as a bar of chocolate or a new lip liner!

So for days when I’m curled up in bed feeling like someone is repeatedly stabbing me in the womb, I like to keep a few of my favourite things near by to make me feel a bit better.


Okay so it can be whatever your favourite snack is really, but I’m never going to turn down the excuse to eat my body weight in dairy milk. Just like in Harry Potter, chocolate is known to help with depression (a.k.a the Dementors) and if you struggle with low mood during your period, it can be a great way to make yourself feel better.

What’s In My Period Survival Kit #TalkingPeriods


As I’m sure most of you know by now, I’m a coffee drinker. However I’ve never been able to drink coffee just before, after or while I’m on my period- it gives me really bad stomach cramps if I do. That doesn’t stop me half the time when I’m at home, but if I’m out of the house I can’t normally have a hot drink.

Until now.

Chris has actually got me liking tea…I don’t know what witchcraft he’s used but considering I’ve hated the smell of it all my life, I’m impressed. Best of all- I can drink it while I’m on without getting stomach cramps!

Wheetbag/Hot Water Bottle

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my wheetbag! I bought the one I have from Boots, it’s in the shape of a lamb (I’ve called him Larry) and I love him!

Not only does he help relieve my cramps but he’s big enough to cuddle, which always makes me feel better. Yes I’m almost 24 and I still cuddle teddies when I’m sad.

Hell I still sleep with one, even when Chris sleeps over!

I do have a hot water bottle that my dad bought me which would be much more practical; hot water bottles last so much longer than wheetbags and it’s got a dog cover so I won’t burn myself with it.

However I burnt myself filling one when I was a teenager and I’ve not dared to use one since!

I’m really not a functional adult…

What’s In My Period Survival Kit #TalkingPeriods

Pamper products

There’s nothing better than giving yourself a pamper when you’re not feeling yourself. I’m quite lucky in that I’ve never really had a problem with spots or bad skin on my period.

Even as a teenager I’d only get one or two big spots a month, which wouldn’t last long as I’ve drown them in tea tree and lavender oil.

But I know this is a big problem for a lot of people, so I’d recommend buying some face wash that contains tea tree in and using it daily while you’re on.

It’s a great help for greasy or spot prone skin!

Personally when I’m on I like to use a face mask, get a long hot shower with my favourite body wash and then snuggle up in bed all night watching crime documentaries!

What’s In My Period Survival Kit #TalkingPeriods

How do you make yourself feel better while on your period?

I’m proud to say that post is part two of TOTM’s #TalkingPeriods campaign, the aim of which is to lessen the social taboo that surrounds periods. So many young girls and grown women find their periods embarrassing when in fact they are a perfectly normal part of life. Part one was The Weirdest Thing About My Period.

What’s In My Period Survival Kit #TalkingPeriods


12 responses to “What’s In My Period Survival Kit #TalkingPeriods”

  1. Chocolate is an absolute MUST! Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. Jade Marie says:

    I don’t know how I’d cope without chocolate on my period (or in general really!). Thanks for reading and commenting lovely!

  3. I definitely can’t cope without it. It’s a regular part of my daily routine. lol

  4. Louisa Rose says:

    Chocolate is a must-have for me, as well. I really enjoy it, and not only on my periods.

    Great survival kit!

  5. Jade Marie says:

    Haha same here- chocolate is life for me! 🙈

    Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it! ☺️

  6. Alys george says:

    I’m exactly the same, when it’s that time of the month I wouldn’t be able to live without my hot water bottle especially. I say that though, but tea and chocolate I also live by daily!

  7. Jade Marie says:

    It’s the perfect excuse to eat as much chocolate as you can carry to your bed! And not many people are stupid enough to argue with a hormonal lady on her period 😂

  8. Great post and very relatable! My go to remedies are always chocolate and a hot water bottle! Although I also love a peppermint tea too xx.

    Rebecca | https://www.rebeccasreviews.com

  9. Perrine - Ola Banana says:

    Oh you can’t go wrong with a hot water bottle, chocolate orange & tea!


  10. Jade Marie says:

    Definitely not!

  11. I definitely need me a hot water bottle during my periods because the way my back pains are set up girl! This post is so relevant. I’m definitely going to add the teabags to my list!!

  12. Jade Marie says:

    Hot water bottles are life!! I’m sorry your back pains are that bad though 😔

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