17 Thoughts We All Have On Our Period

Lets face it ladies, being on your period sucks! You’re hormonal, cranky and in so much pain you’re half convinced you actually might be dying.

If you’re anything like me your mood changes every 5 seconds and you start crying at absolutely everything! 

I used to love being on the pill injection when I first started on it because it stopped my periods but the side effects are just too much to deal with. I wrote a post on The Pill which you can find here if you want to read the whole story. I’d rather cope with a period than crippling anxiety and depression any day!

17 Thoughts We All Have On Our Period

So here are the thoughts that I’m pretty sure we all have when we’re on our periods:

  1. Hmm, that explains a lot.
  2. Why am I craving such random food?
  3. Am I putting weight on or am I just bloated?
  4. What the hell am I crying at now?!
  5. Where did I put the wheat bag?
  6. Must. Buy. All. The. Chocolate!
  7. If anyone so much as looks at me today, murders will be committed!
  8. Are these really period cramps or am I actually dying?
  9. OUCH!
  10. I want to cuddle up with someone and have them tell me it will all be okay
  11. Actually no, I want to cuddle up with a dog instead!
  12. Why the hell are tampons/pads so expensive? These things should be frigging free, it’s not like I have a choice in using them!
  13. Do I dare wear my good pants?
  14. No better not risk it.
  15. Oh shit am I leaking?!
  16. I want sex!
  17. When is this going to end?!

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