Caring For A New Piercing And Tips Before You Get One


So I finally did what I’ve been saying I want to do for years- I got my nose pierced! I also got my Helix (top of the ear) done at the same time as my piercer has a 2 for £20 deal on at the moment and it would have cost £15 just for one!

We originally went up so that my mum could get both her Daiths pierced. I asked if they worked in my Goodbye September post and a lot of people said it had worked for them so she decided to give it a try. For those of you who aren’t piercing savvy, it’s the one inside your ear that is supposed to help stop migraines. She’s had migraines most of her life and after finding out she has a benign brain tumour, they’ve been getting worse.

Now I’m a complete wimp when it comes to pain and as such I’ve not got even half of the piercings I’ve wanted. Until now I’ve only ever had: my original lobes (which I had done when I was about 6), my tragus (18), belly (18 but it rejected) and second lobes (18 but again, they both rejected) done; however theres no way I was going in and not coming out with at least one new piercing, no matter how much of a wimp I am!

So after 8 piercings I’ve decided to write up my top tips for getting pierced and how I care for mine afterwards.


Eat something

This one should be pretty obvious but sometimes they’re the easiest to overlook! Unfortunately piercings hurt and the shock/pain can cause you to faint or feel dizzy. A way to avoid that is to never get pierced on an empty stomach and to take a sugary drink with you to drink after it’s over.

Have a shower

You should try and avoid getting your new piercing wet/getting soap in it for at least the first 3 days if possible so getting a shower just before gives you a few days for the piercing to start to heal. Plus its just good manners.


Research the piercing you want. Check the average healing times. Is there anything you need to know thats specific to that piercing. Some people say that you shouldn’t read other people’s accounts but I’ve always found these really useful. It can be a great way to learn about some things to look out for, like keloids for example.

Sure, if people have a horrible experience it can put you off but personally I know that piercing are going to hurt and that everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so I take things like that with a pinch of salt.


Stick to your aftercare

This is really important, make sure you clean your piercing twice a day! Piercers recommend using salt water and if that works for you then you can of course use that; personally when I used it, the piercings would ache and feel inflamed for a long time afterwards.

I mix two drops of tea tree oil and two drops of lavender into boiled water and wipe the area clean with cotton buds. Tea tree is an antiseptic, so it stops infection and lavender helps reduce inflammation and soreness. I also only dip each cotton bud into the water once to prevent cross-contamination, just in case.

Avoid getting things in it

I’ve already said you shouldn’t get it wet for the first three days if possible but you also need to avoid getting things like shampoo and hairspray in it too. The biggest problem with this is that you can’t go without using products near it (especially if your piercing is in your ear) for the whole healing period. So the best thing to do is to try and avoid things like hairspray near it for as long as possible, but if you do, just wash the piercing through with your preferred cleaning solution.

Try not to catch it

This one is pretty much impossible to be fair; especially in your sleep! I’ve been quite lucky so far in that I’ve not really caught my nose but my helix is another matter entirely. Because it is on top of my ear its really hard not to turn over in my sleep and catch it or knock it with my glasses! Small knocks are too bad but my belly ended up rejecting because it got badly knocked when I was at college, so just take care and try to avoid it.

Also a little after edit; I’ve ended up getting a cold so I’m really hoping that my nose doesn’t end up getting infected! I’m cleaning it three times a day so hopefully that will be enough. Have any of you had a cold just after getting a nose piercing? What happened? Let me know please as I’m actually getting a bit worried over it (classic overthinking Jade, well done)

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4 responses to “Caring For A New Piercing And Tips Before You Get One”

  1. LaurenEph says:

    Good tips! How did your mum get on with the daith piercing? I’ve been thinking about it for headaches too! x

  2. Jade Marie says:

    Thank you 🙂 and she’s not had any headaches at all since getting them done! True it’s only been 4 days but she’d usually have had one by now so we’re hopeful!x

  3. Eleanor May says:

    These are some great tips. I’ve had a few different piercings but I’ve always had to take them out for different reasons. I am hoping to get my tragus pierced soon though so I’m glad that I read this!

  4. Jade Marie says:

    Aww that’s crap! I love my Tragus and I hope you don’t have to take this one out as well🤞🏼 I’m glad you found it useful lovely ☺️

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