6 Before And After Tips When Getting A New Piercing

Grey railings outside a whitewashed house, with lots of green plants in a window box and on the railings too

So last week I finally did what I’ve been saying I want to do for years and I got my nose pierced!

We originally went so that my mum could get both her Daiths pierced, but of course, I couldn’t resist getting a new piercing myself too.

I’ve wanted it done since I was 15, and I thought it would make a great present for passing my driving test first time

I asked if Daith piercings worked for migraines in my Goodbye September post and a lot of people said it had worked for them, so mum decided to give it a try.

She’s had migraines most of her life and the had been getting worse over the last few years.

Of course, after she had two fits over the summer, we found out that was because she actually has a benign brain tumour that had gradually been growing for the past few years.

Thankfully she’s on medication now and is having treatment to get rid of the tumour, but she still gets quite bad headaches and at this point was willing to try anything to stop them!

Grey railings outside a whitewashed house, with lots of green plants in a window box and on the railings too
Photo by Quan Ta on Unsplash

For someone who doesn’t do well with pain, I have a weird love of piercings.

So far I’ve had: my original lobes (which I had done when I was about 6), my tragus (18), belly (18 but it rejected after about 9 months) and second lobes (18 but again, they wouldn’t heal and I had to take them out) done.

Considering that I’ve basically had three piercings reject, you’d think I’d be the last person giving out advice; but that’s my bodies fault, not mine.

Unfortunately, we only found out recently that my body really doesn’t like being in contact with metal, and that’s apparently why it has rejected the other piercings.

Even though my Tragus didn’t reject, it took over a year to fully heal, and I have a horrible feeling my nose and Helix will be the same too.

I’ve had a few people suggest switching to Bioflex jewellery, but I’ve never tried it on a newly-healing piercing, so I don’t know if it would help or not.

So if your body isn’t temperamental like mine is, these are my top six tips to follow, both before and after you get a new piercing.

3 Things to Do Before Getting A Piercing

Eat something

As much as I wish they didn’t, piercings hurt and the shock/pain can cause you to faint or feel dizzy.

A way to avoid that is to avoid getting pierced on an empty stomach, especially if it’s your first time or it will be in a place you know is going to hurt.

I would also say to take a sugary drink with you to sip after it’s over, as your adrenaline will probably be running pretty high.

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Have a shower

I’ve always been told you should try and avoid getting your new piercing wet/getting soap in it for at least the first 3 days if possible.

So getting a shower just before you go for it doing will give you a few days for the piercing to start to heal before you desperately need to get in again.


One thing I can’t recommend enough is research the piercing you want.

Check the average healing times. Is there anything you need to know that’s specific to that piercing?

Some people say that you shouldn’t read other people’s accounts, but I’ve always found these really useful. It can be a great way to learn about the piercing and educated yourself on some things to look out for, like keloids for example.

Sure, if people have a horrible experience it can put you off but personally I know that piercing are going to hurt and that everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so I take things like that with a pinch of salt.

3 Things to Do After Getting A Piercing

Stick to your aftercare

This is so important and I can’t stress it enough; make sure you clean your piercing twice a day!

Piercers recommend using saltwater and if that works for you then you can, of course, use that. However, when I used it myself, the piercing would ache and feel inflamed for a long time afterwards.

So instead I mix two drops of tea tree oil and two drops of lavender into hot water and wipe the area clean with cotton buds.

Tea tree is an antiseptic, so it stops infection and lavender helps reduce inflammation and soreness.

I also only dip each cotton bud into the water once to prevent cross-contamination, just in case.

Avoid getting things in it

Not always easy, especially if the piercing is in your ear where it’s easy to get a product in it accidentally.

I found it quite easy to do this will my belly piercing, but I was forever getting makeup, hair products or face products in my Tragus as that was the first piercing I’d had since my lobes.

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Photo by Quan Ta on Unsplash

I started to cover it up with my hand whenever I was using something that could accidentally go in it. Then I eventually got into the habit avoiding it completely, but it can be difficult if it’s your first piercing or you’ve not had one for a long time!

If you do get something in it or worry that you have, just wash it out with your prefered cleaning solution.

Try not to catch it

Okay, so this one one is pretty much impossible to be fair, especially in your sleep.

I’ve been quite lucky so far in that I’ve not really caught my nose but my helix is another matter entirely!

Because it is on top of my ear it’s really hard not to turn over in my sleep (especially as it’s on the side I normally sleep on) or catch it when I’m putting my glasses on.

Small, occasional knocks aren’t too bad, but my belly got badly knocked when I was at college, and I ended up in agony for days afterwards.

Luckily my piercer had already recognised it was rejected at this point, as it was only been held on with a few centimetres of skin by that point, and after knocking it we decided to just take it out anyway as it was never going to heal.

Not what I had been hoping for (especially with how painful it was to get done) but it can’t be helped sometimes.

What advice would you give to someone getting a new piercing?

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6 Before And After Tips When Getting A New Piercing

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  • LaurenEph says:

    Good tips! How did your mum get on with the daith piercing? I’ve been thinking about it for headaches too! x

  • Jade Marie says:

    Thank you 🙂 and she’s not had any headaches at all since getting them done! True it’s only been 4 days but she’d usually have had one by now so we’re hopeful!x

  • Eleanor May says:

    These are some great tips. I’ve had a few different piercings but I’ve always had to take them out for different reasons. I am hoping to get my tragus pierced soon though so I’m glad that I read this!

  • Jade Marie says:

    Aww that’s crap! I love my Tragus and I hope you don’t have to take this one out as well🤞🏼 I’m glad you found it useful lovely ☺️

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