How I Practice Self Care Every Day As An Online Business Owner

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If there’s one thing I can’t talk about enough on here, its the importance of self care; especially if you spend a lot of time online. 

I love making little self care based routines for myself throughout the day, as I find it really helps me remember to practice and make time for it. 

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It can be really hard to know where to start sometimes, especially if you’re anything like me and have a to-do list longer than your arm! 

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So I wanted to quickly share how I practise self care every day specifically as a business owner, to hopefully give you a little bit of inspiration and help you create one for yourself. 

Monday – Have A Digital Clear Out

Now that I’m self-employed I’m one of those people who actually looks forward to starting work on Monday’s, and one of the things I’ve started to do every Monday is to have a mini digital clear out. 

I’ll go through my photos and delete anything I have saved like screenshots or Instagram story photos that I no longer need.

Then I look through my emails and see if I’m subscribed to anything that I’m no longer interest in, or that I never even signed up for since some companies have apparently never heard of GDPR! 

Finally, I’ll take some time to scroll through social media and unfollow accounts who I don’t feel post content I want to see on my timeline.

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie And A Cup Of Coffee Flatlay In Starbucks

It seems a bit harsh, but I strongly feel that your social media feeds should be places where you see the content you like and want to engage with. 

If there’s content on there that you have no interest in or that could even be damaging for your mental health, then you should be able to mute or unfollow that content without feeling guilt. 

Tuesday – Organise My Inbox

I used to be the queen of avoiding my inbox, mainly because I’d take one look at the mess of emails and end up feeling seriously overwhelmed, close it and then binge-watch a whole series on Netflix to make myself feel better. 

Procrastination at its finest!

It might not seem like self care to sort through your inbox, but sometimes self care is doing the tasks that you’ve been putting off for weeks or that you actively don’t like doing. 

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I had no idea how to create a system for my emails until I listened to an episode of the Exciting Emails Podcast which talks about managing your inbox.

Grow & Glow Website On An iPad Pro. Apple AirPods. Cup Of Coffee

I decided to give it a try and use the same folders that Vix suggested, and even though it took me all afternoon (I still had emails from 2015 in my inbox!) I finally managed to get everything organised and a system in place for the future. 

Now, whenever I open my inbox I know exactly what I need to be doing, and I don’t struggle quite as much with feeling overwhelmed as I did before. 

I still have a really bad habit of avoiding answering emails though! 

Now I schedule some time every Tuesday to organise any emails that haven’t been put into the right folder already and try to action any outstanding emails in the “to be actioned” folder. 

Wednesday – Digital Detox

I recently decided to start taking Wednesdays off and work Saturdays instead. 

For me this is mostly just about being practical: Chris works a night shift on Tuesdays, so he spends most of Wednesdays asleep.

My “office” is my bedroom so I worry about waking him up, and while I can work downstairs, I found I wasn’t very productive and ended up getting annoyed at myself for not getting much done. 

Since I take the day off, I try to take advantage of that fact and have a detox away from social media and emails. I do still pop on twitter or update my Instagram stories, but I’m a lot less intentional with it. 

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I’ve had my social media/email notifications turned off for over a year now, which has probably been one of the best decisions I ever made, but if you don’t do this I’d recommend putting your phone on do not disturb for an hour or two.

Thursday – Write Out New Ideas

This is something I’ve only started doing recently, but I’m already seeing a huge difference because of it.

I’ve struggled with having too many ideas going through my head at once, and it can get really overwhelming and confusing trying to sort them all out. 

Plus I always end up forgetting at least one idea, and it’s usually the one I was most excited about!

I’ve started using my Bastet And Bee* notebook as a way to brain dump all my different ideas and business plans. 

Bastet And Bee Notebook + Poison Cup

Not only does this stop me feeling quite so overwhelmed, but it lets me see all the different ideas clearly on one place, so I can easily see if they fit in with my overall business plan or not.

I’ll then do a more detailed pros/cons list of the ones I think would fit best, as well as look at any costs that would be involved, how long it would take, would it be free or paid for content, etc. 

Sometimes I’ll do this whenever a new idea pops into my head so I don’t forget it, but I’ve started scheduling some time into my calendar every Thursday to grab a cup of tea + my notebook and just writing down every thought, idea and even the worries that are swirling around in my head. 

Call me old fashioned, but to me there’s something so relaxing about sitting down with a notebook or bullet journal and physically writing things down, rather than typing them up on a phone or laptop! 

Friday – Relax And Recharge

If there’s one thing I don’t do enough as a business owner, its take some time away from work and actually look after myself. 

So I’ve started finishing work early on a Friday, hiding my laptop so I’m not tempted to do “just one more thing”, and taking some time to relax and recharge.

Hot Chocolate, Croissant, and Macbook Pro. Self Care Ideas

I’m a self-confessed introvert, so my Friday nights are generally spend curled up in my pj’s, with a hot drink, and either a book or crime documentary on Netflix. 

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Obviously everyone is different, but whatever you love to do to relax and unwind after a busy week, take this opportunity to do it!

Saturday – Exercise

Even though I now work Saturdays, I tend to keep it as a lighter day and mostly use it for admin related tasks or planning out what I’ll be doing next week. 

This is also the day I dedicate to exercising. 

I try to practice yoga every day and make sure I get up and stretch regularly while I’m working, but this is the day I do a full work out routine with cardio and weights. 

Last year I tried going to the gym (again), but the simple fact is that it’s not for me. I don’t have one local to me, it costs a fortune for the membership and since I have weights at home, it seems like a waste of money. 

I have a few different routines that I cycle through depending on what I’m wanting to work on that week. 

They’re based on ones I used to do when I studied circus skills at college or from years of being a dancer, and I always come away feeling really energised and full of new ideas for the following week!

Sunday – Self Care Day

Obviously this whole post is about self care, but I try and dedicate Sundays to everything that makes me happy and not do any work at all. 

Not going to lie, that doesn’t always happen though! 

Laid In Bed Relaxing And Having Practicing Self Care. Xbox Controller Resting On Crossed Legs. Blue Ripped Jeans

Sundays are the only day I can really guarantee to see Chris, so we try to make the most of it. 

Going out for a meal and a date day, then coming back to relax with a film, followed by a long hot shower with all my favourite products is my usual Sunday routine at the moment.  

Do you have a weekly self care routine as a business owner? What is it? Let me know in the comments!

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How I Practice Self Care Every Day As An Online Business Owner

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  • Helen says:

    Making time for self care is so important isn’t it? Good idea having set days for everything as you create routine. I always find the more stressed and overwhelmed I get, I forget to look after myself, so routine really helps. Helen xo

  • These are really good ideas, and it just proves you don’t need to do anything big for it to count as self care. I’ll fully admit that my self-care has been shockingly bad lately (I’m super burnt out, but I’m going on holiday in just over two weeks so it shouldn’t last too much longer), but one thing I do is only check my emails on certain days. Probably not the best move as a freelancer/business owner, but my clients don’t seem to mind and it means I’m not constantly worrying about having to message people back when I’m working on projects/not in the mood to be social.

  • Annaleid says:

    This sounds so good! I should make this kind of schedule too 🙂 Its so important to take care of yourself so this post was very helpful!

    xoxo Annaleid

  • Jade Marie says:

    I’m really glad that it’s been helpful ☺️ is definitely recommend creating one if you can!xx

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