Dear Diary: Pre-Freshers & Enrollment Week

Its finally here. This has been my last week before freshers week and I’ve not done even half of what I planned to do!

I was hoping to get a lot of blog posts pre written so that I don’t have to worry about writing them for my first few week at uni (I’ll have enough to worry about I’m sure!) but I’ve just not really got round to it.

I don’t particularly plan on taking part much in freshers, I’m mostly going for the free things, so I should still have some time next week to get my butt in gear and get a load written!

I have been so undecided on if to take part in any of the freshers activities, I feel like I have to and while a small part of me wants to try it, the rest of me knows I won’t like it- its just not my kind of thing. One of my friends has invited me for a comedy night and another to the students union welcome party and I’m going to try both, even if it’s just for a few hours so I can say I did something.

Gotta love how I’m basically peer pressuring myself into this!

But thats a topic for next weeks post, this week has been a bit of a mixed up one.

Dear Diary: Pre-Freshers & Enrollment Week

Monday was scheduled for post tattoo recovery but I ended up getting a really nice surprise: Em at Oh Fab  had nominated me for the Liebster Awards! My arm was still a little too tender to type properly so I couldn’t write the post straight away but I really enjoyed reading other peoples posts and finding some new blogs to follow (which of course if the point of the award).

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Tuesday was dedicated to writing up the award post. My arm was still tender if I accidentally caught it on the keyboard (which happened a lot!) and I even resorted to trying the dictation option…which didn’t work. Apparently Apple can’t understand a Yorkshire gals accent and while it got frustrating, it did result in some amusing sentences which I most definitely didn’t say!

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Wednesday was devoted to writing a very difficult and very personal post: My Anorexia Story. I had been wanting to write this post for a while, to highlight the effects of eating disorders that people might not be aware of and to hopefully help people who have ED feel less alone. Maybe even help them start the road to recovery.

After I posted it I basically worked myself up into a panic and nearly deleted the post twice. I was convinced I was going to get the comments I’ve had in the past about how “I’m making it up for attention” or “You don’t look like you have an eating disorder, you’re fat”. I might have a very thick skin by now but people don’t seem to realise that comments like that, especially the last one, can cause people to relapse! I’m already struggling not to relapse and I didn’t really want to risk a thoughtless comment setting it back off again.

I shouldn’t have worried though, all the comments I received were so lovely! People telling me that I was really brave to write about my experience and others saying that they’d learnt something new about the effects of ED!

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Thursday was all about Pinterest! I have such a love for this site and can spend hour at a time looking at outfit, makeup or home inspirations. I have a board for other peoples blog posts, where I save any I’ve enjoyed reading but for some reason I didn’t have one for my own posts!

I’ve been a fan of Melyssa Griffin for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of posts she’s written about how Pinterest can be a great way of getting traffic to your blog. Now admittedly I don’t have the money to take her e-courses  *sad face* but she creates a ton of posts and workbooks that she shares for free! This post in particular has been a game changer and I I’m already seeing one or two referrals from Pinterest and thats just in a few days!

I’m also going to add a cheeky little plugin here but if you want to follow me on Pinterest that would make my day: you can find me here!

Playing Destiny on the Xbox

I’m not going to lie- Friday was a lazy day. I sat in my pjs, drank a ton of warm ribena, ate a lot of junk food and played Destiny on my xbox! After a busy week and with the fact I’m going to uni now getting so close I can’t ignore it, I just needed some me time! This for me is one of the best ways to relax.

Sometimes I’ll just curl up and read all day but when I’ve got a lot on my mind, shooting things and having to concentrate on what I’m doing is the best way to distract myself- it stops my mind wandering down paths I really don’t want it to go down!

I’ll not bore the non-gamer readers with the details but lets just say I did a lot of things I was proud of and came top overall scorer in a PVP (player verses player) match- not something I’m good at normally! My fellow gamers will understand.

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The plan for the weekend was to get as many blog posts as I could pre-written but so far all I’ve really done is watch a ton of films I haven’t watched since I was a kid.

I did get one post written though…thats something…right?

However I think I must have been featured on Bloglovin or something as I woke up this morning to 34 views on my eBay and Anxiety post- all referred via Bloglovin!!

I’m not going to lie normally I get one or two referrals from there but it’s not my biggest source of traffic so waking up to see that has been incredible! I don’t know how to find out if I have been featured somewhere on their site but whatever the reason behind this, I feel like I’m 4 years old and getting my first certificate in assembly at school for a good piece of work!

Now I’m going to make myself a big cup of coffee, a stack of toast and get writing some posts while this “wow I’m amazing and can achieve anything” feeling lasts!

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