Goodbye September, Hello October! Monthly Roundup

It’s that time again where I write down how I can’t believe how fast this months gone by. But seriously time, maybe think about slowing down a little? It’s now just 49 days until I turn 24! Also just 49 days until I go back to Harry Potter World so I can’t complain too much really: I’ll be able to use all my birthday money on as much Slytherin merch as possible and apparently I’ll even get to open up the doors to the Great Hall because it’s my birthday- if that’s true I can promise you I won’t be able to shut up about it until at least the new year!

So on to a round up of what’s been happening this month. University has ended up taking up a lot of this post but I’ve also been working on Issue two of the Beautiful Minds magazine, which will be out on the 15th October. Working on this has really given me a confidence boost and I’m seriously considering starting to offer my design services more often. If you’re interested in getting a logo/banner/media kit designed at an affordable price then drop me a message!

So, sales pitch aside, what’s the good and the bad of this month been like?

(p.s. yes I know this post is like 5 days late but I had a post going live for a brand that would interfere with my original schedule and I didn’t want to post twice in one day. On the plus side that post (What’s In My Period Survival Kit) got 125 views in one day- the first time I’ve ever hit over 100 views in a day on my blog before!)

Things I’ve loved

Starting my final major project

I’ve been planing this all summer and I can’t wait to actual start on it! For those of you wondering just what the hell I’m talking about, I’m one of those smugly lucky people who doesn’t have to do a Dissertation in my final year of university! Chris was shooting daggers at me when he found out, he hated doing his and he was looking forward to me having to go through it too. Hard look boo.

Instead we choose our own digital media project and work on it throughout the whole year. We can do whatever we like as long as our supervisor agrees, so it’s easy to play to our strengths and create something that you really love. Some people and making short films/music videos others are doing something in VR. Me? I’m making and designing my own Oracle Deck and a website dedicated to all things witchcraft! I’ve always been interested in witchcraft, I even learnt the basics from my mums best friend when I was about 6/7, but thanks to being half brought up in a stupidly strict religion I wasnt able to pursue it like I wanted to. Well now I’m going to for this project and hopefully it will give me the push I need to move past certain things and embrace my craft properly!

Boux Avenue Bras

I am just in love with Boux Avenue- why did I never shop there before?! True the bras are very pricey but the quality, fit and comfort make it worth spending the money. I’ve been looking for some new bras for a while now: my boobs change size constantly and I needed some that didn’t feel like they were trying to cut me in half all day. One of the lauded there mentioned that I should go up a number and down a cup size, so that they wouldn’t cut into me but would still give me the support I needed. I hate to admit it but I really didn’t want to go from a 32 to a 34, like many people I’d been brainwashed into thinking that meant you’d gained weight. It doesn’t what so ever but that’s a post for another day! Safe to say I’m glad I listened to her- I can breath so much better now and I’m not in constant pain when wearing one. The lesson of the day from this? I need to stop being so bloody stubborn!


I can’t believe I’m actually typing that, especially after of my more recent posts about not everyone enjoying university. But (touch wood) this year has started off brilliantly! Everyone seems to have grown up and so far I’ve not had a single sarcastic comment or bad experience. Hopefully things stay that way! I’m actually looking forward to going in to classes and I’m even enjoying the lessons- they’re a lot more interesting than last year and I’ve had some great ideas for the projects we’ve been set.

Teaching myself new skills

I’m very lucky that as part of my university, we’re given free access to throughout our time studying. I love learning and will happily spend hours watching tutorials and videos to learn a new skill. I’ve been trying to teach myself to code and while I’m really struggling to grasp it, I’m determined to keep at it!

Side note: no matter how many videos I watch I still can’t code to save my life. We’ve got a pure code module this semester and I won’t lie- I’m dreading it!

Things I’ve loved less


I’ve always suffered with headaches and migraines but recently they’ve been getting worse. I’ve considered getting that piercing that is supposed to stop/reduce them but I’m a wimp when it comes to piercings and don’t want to get it unless I know it will work! If anyone has had it (or knows someone who has) can you please let me know if it has worked? I have light sensitive migraines and as I’m in an industry where i’m going to spend most of my life looking at one screen or another, I really could do with finding a cure asap!


I can’t be the only one who finds this the worst part about blogging? I don’t have a nice instagram worthy room, I can’t make gorgeous flatlays and I don’t have the money to buy tons of props. Plus its finding the time and having the energy to mess around taking them- something I’ve found even harder since starting back at university. It makes me wish I had the courage to start doing YouTube, thats probably not going to happen though as I freak out just at the thought of recording a video.

Nan’s Illness

I haven’t really spoken about this on my blog yet, mainly because I think I was being childish and hoping that if I didn’t talk about it, things would get better- however thats looking less and less likely as time is going on.

Basically my nan had a fall about 18 months ago and broke her hip. She had to have an operation to fix it back into place but after a few days, it came back out again and she had to have a full leg brace on 24/7 while the bone healed. That was bad enough but then we noticed that she was starting to act strangely. I noticed it from the second I first saw her in hospital, she was really aggressive towards the nurses and us (which is completely out of character for her!) and she didn’t seem to know who I was when I first arrived. It really upset me at the time but we all put it down to all the medication she’d been given and the stress of what happened.

But it didn’t go away.

She’s been showing all the signs of having Dementia or Alzheimer’s for the last 10 months or so, but because the doctors told her she can’t be assessed without her permission (which she refuses to give) we’ve been stuck in a sort of limbo where we can’t do anything and she’s just been getting worse and worse. However this last month or so things have been getting worse than ever; she thinks the teddies are real dogs, she’s seeing things that aren’t real and she’s constantly getting confused over everyday things.

Sorry for the huge paragraph and to end things on a big of a downer; I was really upset last night and writing this down has actually helped me come to terms with the reality of it all a little. I usually bottle everything up and deal with things myself, so I suppose this is an attempt to stop doing that- it really isn’t a healthy thing to do!

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